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Hello,Sir For forged wheels, the 2pcs and 3pcs structure are also very characteristic structural shapes. Many customers like the strong feeling after assembly. In order to meet various customer needs, we have developed more different sizes of 17"-24" for 2pcs and 3pcs. no matter the shape or size, it provides you with enough room for choice. Pls note for all of our products, the raw material is T6-6061, main production process is Forging--Spinning---Heat treatment---CNC----Powder coat We have ten years of experience in the production of forged wheels, no matter in the shape and performance design, or the quality of the production process, we will give you a very satisfactory and comfortable experience. You can discuss with us any order form, personalized customization, or bulk purchase according to the needs of the local market, and we will do our best to cooperate with you. Looking forward to your inquiry and cooperation, thank you!

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