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All Size Top Quality MPPT Controller DC Brushless Submersible Solar Water Pump ( 3 Years Warranty ) ( 3 ~ 6 Inches Submersible & Surface Solar Pump ) DC Submersible Solar Pump for Irrigation and Residential Solar panels is to convert sunlight into electrical energy which will be passed to the solar pump controller,the energy will be used to power the pump. Solar Controller /Inverte is used to stabilize the power voltage and output the power to drive the electric motor of the pump. If backup batteries (optional) are available, then the pump controller can charge them. Battery is for Storaging the additional energy that can be used at later time when the sunlight may not be adequate to drive the pump. Water Level detector / Sensors is used to connected to the controller and can be used to protect the pump from running dry as well as to automatically turn the pump off when a water tank is full. RISON MPPT Controller Advantage RISON MPPT CONTROLLER CONTROLLER FROM OTHER COMPETITORS Automatically Totally Automatically restarting every morning, or when the sun appears after cloud Not steady, and cannot restart automatically Efficiency 15-20% higher than common Controller Lower efficiency MPPT Fuction With MPPT function(Maximum Power Point Tracking ) No MPPT Input Voltage Range Increase much larger inpt voltage range to 100V. Will make the panel selection very easy, also avoid too higher input voltage burn the controller Very smaller input voltage range largest only to 85V, and will be burrnt if the panel voltage increase during the very shinning daytime; Protection Against Wrong Connection Protecting against being burned, in case some customers reversed panel"+"/"-"terminals, when connecting onto controller. No protection, will be burned definitely Protection Against overvoltage/current The controller will just keep silent(stop working), when the input voltage/ current is beyond the controllers tolerance; The controller will be burned; High Temperature Resistance Can run well under 50 degrees condition for 24 hours continually; Will be burned immediately when temperature more than 40 degrees; Operation Very convenient to open the Box to change the SPEED SWITCH; Not convenient, needs screwdriver to open the 4 bolts everytime; Warranty 3 years No warranty or longest as 1 year;

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