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Product Description Model SOW is an advanced generation of single-stage double-suction split casing centrifugal pumps with high efficiency and good stability. SOW-type pumps currently produced by our company fall into more than 30 categories, nearly 300 specification products. Our impeller could be customized with different materials ranging from cast iron to stainless steel to meet customers' needs. We manufacture the pump case with advanced equipment such as a four-axis CNC machining center and a large floor boring and milling lathe. SOW type water pumps are in accordance with GB3216, GB/T 5656-2008 standards. Product Advantage Product Attributes Order Instructions Please provide the following information when placing an order Pump mode or working conditions data: capacity, head and NPSH(net positive suction head), etc Transporting media: temperature, density, concentration, trellises, corrosive or contain solid so that we can make a proper choice of material and power of the motor The direction of rotation (Counterclockwise rotation is special, if not to indicate a direction, clockwise rotation is to be provided.) Motor requirement: power, voltage, protect class, insulation class, way of cooling,anti-explosion or not, etc (380V/50HZ/3PH YE3 series motor with IP55 protection is used as the low-voltage motor when power is less than 355kw) Material of Partial (If not to specify material, the pump will be produced according to standard material ) Type of shaft seal (Users have two choices: non-asbestos soft packing and mechanical seals. If not specified, mechanical seals will be provided.) Common base (standard configuration: when motor support number≤315 and pump suction diameter≤350, the scope of supply shall include common base. beyond the above scope, it is necessary to specify whether you need a pump base or a common base when ordering) Model selection instructions Users' selection shall not be limited by the performance parameters list. Parameters in the catalog are only for reference. We could design and manufacture the product according to the actual requirements. If there is a special selection beyond the sample performance parameters, please get in touch with our technical support If the selected model is close to performance parameters, generally standard impeller pumps and high-speed pumps are preferred. (NPSH shall meet the requirements) If a high-voltage motor or special motor is required, please DO NOT make the foundation according to the installation dimension of the sample. Our technical support shall customize the drawings Detailed Photos

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