Medevo Medical Co., Ltd.

Feb 1, 2023
Company Overview
Medevo Medical Co., Ltd is a High-Tech Enterprise in Beijing China, branch company Zollvan Medical Technology Co., Limited. It's dedicated in R& D, Production, Marketing, Sales & Service of Medical devices like Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump, Patient monitor, CPAP, Bpap, CO2 fractional laser, diode lasers, skin rejuvenation machines etc, we focus on transforming clients request to health and beauty.

Taking intelligent manufacturing by heart to benefit the health of world as our company mission, we make every effort to build the top-class platform on R& D, Manufacturing and Sales of beauty medical devices. We aim to push forward the introduction of domestic high-tech medical products into global market and global high-tech medical devices into China domestic market.

Products line:

MEDEVO Medical Devices Manufacturing and Supplying Product line:

Volumetric Infusion Pump

Single Channel Syringe Pump

Double Channel Syringe Pump

Stackable Syringe Pump

TCI (Target Control Infusion) Pump

Emergency Capnograph Device

Animal Ventilator

Patient monitor

CPAP & Bpap

Oxygen concentrator

Vein finder

ZOLLASER Beauty Devices Manufacturing and Supplying Product Line:

808nm Micro Channel Diode Laser for Hair Removal,

808nm Macro Channel Diode Laser for Hair Removal,

ND YAG Laser for Tattoo Removal,

CO2 fractional laser,

Pico Second Laser,

Face improvement beauty machines

With Zealous management team, Optimist working attitude, Legend medical technology, Leading company strategy, Valuable relating partners, Ambitious sales team, Natural business minds.

We will be your last station for Medical & Beauty Sourcing in China.
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Room201, Unit5, Building 10, Courtyard No. 20, Kechuang 14 Street, Beijing Economy and Development Zone, Beijing, China
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