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Wall Panels is a very important category in the Construction & Decoration industry. A good Wall Panels can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Wall Panels available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Cam-lock PU panel: The structure of the cam lock panel(eccentric hook type) is a polyurethane sandwich panel made with traditional molds, which is embedded the eccentric hook in the mould around the sandwich panel when produce, convenient assembly, and generally applicable to small or medium-sized cold storage. PU cold storage room panel is a kind of board used for enclosing structures, which has good heat insulationand higher intensity. It can reduce the heat transmission caused by difference in the internal and external temperature, and get to maximum efficiency of freezing and refrigeration systems. Designed scientifically and easy to use. It is a new type of heat insulation material for lower construction cost. Panels are in multiple varieties and specifications to meet the need of various sites and projects. Fast-fit PUR panel: The core material of PUR insulation panel is a product of polyisocyanate and polyether type or polyester type polyol in a certain proportion of the reaction. The features of PUR insulation panel: Good heat conductivity, great water absorption, good in temperature preservation performance, excellent compressive strength and tensile strength, not easy to deformation, it is widely used in maintaining the combination of cold storage structure. Specifications: Applications: PU Sandwich Panel (Polyurethane Sandwich Panel )is composed of 2 layers of weather-proof colored steel sheets and jetted the hard forms of polyurethane between 2 layers which feature fireproof materials. It is suitable for the various roofs and walls referring to the large-size factory buildings, storage, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, freezing stores, purification workshops, etc, which features temp-keeping, heat insulation, weight-bearing, weatherproof with the rich colorfulness and good appearance. It can be widely used as the structural material and heatproof material in petroleum industry, chemical industry, construction, packing, refrigeration, military industry, space industry, aviation, transportation, industrial model design and so on. PIR/PUR/PU Polyurethane Wall/Roof Sandwich Panel for Cold Room/Storage/Prefab HousePIR/PUR/PU Polyurethane Wall/Roof Sandwich Panel for Cold Room/Storage/Prefab House are expanded plastics produced as a result of a polyaddition reaction with isocyanates in the presence of activating and stabilizing agents. As the blowing agent we use a traditional hydrocarbon - pentane, which is perfectly safe for the ozone layer. By using special polyester-derived polyols in polyisocyanurate (PIR/PIR+) foams, we obtain more aromatic bonds. Additionally, by means of increasing the so-called index in appropriate conditions, polyisocyanurate rings of high chemical resistance are produced. As a result, in comparison to flat rings in the PUR foam, in the PIR/PIR+ foam three-dimensional structures are obtained. The effect is that the PIR/PIR+ foam behaves much better in fire than the PUR foam. It also exhibits better mechanical and insulating properties. PUR/PIR/PIR+ foams are characterised by very good physical and chemical parameters, high resistance to moisture, high chemical resistance and resistance to fungi and mildew. Compression strength with 10% deformation is 150 kPa, with density of 40 kg/m3± 3. We offer a range of Headstream PIR-cored fire resistant insulated panels for all types of temperature controlled applications & controlled environment projects. The high thermal performance of the PIR (PolyIsoCyanurate) core offers higher energy savings and/or reduced thicknesses of construction when compared to other insulated panel systems. They are fire resistant, hygienic and fibre free. Detailed Images: 1- Cam-lock PU/PIR panels: 2- Fast-fit / Male-Fema