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FX-432 resin is made of BPA type epoxy resin modified by methacrylic acid. Product Description The Product Characteristic The resin has the characteristics of good flexibility and is widely used in various FRP molded products and chemical industries resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents. Properties of the Liquid resin Property/Unit Value Appearance / Viscosity(at 25ºC)/Pa.s 400-700 Gel Time(at 25ºC)/min 10-20 Chroma/Gardner 0-6 Acid Value/KOH mg/g 6-13 Gel time test :FX-432/6% ring cobalt/LPT (925H)=100/0.5/1.5 Properties of Casting Body Property/Unit Value Tensile strength/MPa 75-85 Breaking Elongation/% 6-8 Bending strength/MPa 115-145 Bending modulus/GPa 2.8-3.2 Distortion Temperature/ºC 100-110 Barcol hardness 40-45 Volume Shrinkage/% 7.0-8.0 Curing conditions : curing at room temperature for 24 hours, curing at 120ºC for 2 hours. The data will be tested in accordance with GB in the future. Properties of Casting Body Property/Unit Value Tensile strength/MPa 95 Bending strength/MPa 145 Bending modulus/GPa 4.9 Barcol hardness 50 Note: (1) 3mm laminated board structure: S/M/M/M/S, S=surface felt, 30g/m2; M=short-cut glass mat, 450g/m2 (2) Curing procedure: After curing at room temperature for 24 hours, post-curing at 120ºC for 2 hours. The above is the typical data test according to the corresponding national standard GB, not as a standard. Application Application areas: FRP products, ships, storage tanks, pipelines, floors, flue gas desulfurization industry, chemical industry anti-corrosion, metallurgical industry, etc. Molding process: hand lay-up, continuous pultrusion, spray forming, filament winding, compression molding, resin transfer molding (RTM technology) and vacuum infusion. Our Advantages Company Profile Founded in 1992 with a registered capital of 226 million RMB and fixed assets of over 500 million RMB, Fangxin Resin is aprivate joint-stock enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of unsaturated resin, vinyl ester resin, alkyd resin,acrylic resin, waterborne resin, color gel coat, color paste and other products. Fangxin has three companies under control: Jiangsu SaiXin resin Co., Ltd., Nantong Fang Xin Chemical Co., Ltd., Changzhou Fang Xin Chemical Material Co., Ltd. It covers an area of 120,000 square meters, equipped with the leading DCS automatic control production equipment in the industry, advanced quality control and technical support laboratory, the entire factory has more than 50 resin production lines, with annual production capacity of 300,000 tons, all of which can achieve sales revenue of more than 4 billion RMB. FAQ Q: Is your company a manufacturer? A: Yes,we are. As the same time,we are agents of other product brands. Q: Can I get a sample? A: Yes,we can provide 1kg for resin as free samples, but freight usually requires the buyer to bear. Q: I want to find the most suitable resin for my product. Can you make it customized? A: Yes, as long as it is the needs of customers, we will do our best to satisfy, please contact our customer service, introduce your company's products and requirements, we first introduce or arrange to sample the most close to the parameters of the product,after you test we'll discuss the specific modification parameters. Q:What is your company's transportation form? A: Samples generally deliver by international express,a large number of goods can be transported by land or water. Q: How long is the delivery time? A: The products in our product list are basically in stock.If the customer needs to purchase the original specifications,it will be within 1-2 weeks.If you need to arrange special packing or change product para

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