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combo beverage snack food and cold drink vending machine for school control screen 7 inch touch screen for control purpose Resolution: 1024*600 pixels, payment system multipayment system for option ( cash, coin, card) Mother board zhongda V3.0# Support Network no need tray /slot 6 layers from top to bottom 60SKUS features * double layer tempered glass door with defroggying * open door to restock,compressor power off automatically *4 x universal wheel *standleg underneath adjustable on heighth. capacity 300-900pcs depends on product package size more features for options 1. pusher band; 2 belt conveyor; 3. driver license scanner; 4. ID reader Power consumption 6kWh/ day stardard MDB/RS232/DEX Applicable scenarios Communities, neighborhoods, schools, shopping malls, pedestrian subway stations, airports, factories, etc. Main Features *High strength steel construction with durable powder coat pained surface. *Re-configurable product selection spacing for variable package size. *User friendly system help owner manager machine easily. *System with Multi-language ( english, spainish, Russian, Japan) *Double tempered door *Secure and lockable cash box. * temperature are adjustable. *Glass heater embedded on glass to prevent condensing of moisture. *can download the sales report from machine directly. *Excellent capacity and size ratio. *Energy efficient compressor with R134a refrigerant can meet the ROHS requirement. *Flexible layout for snack/fresh food/cans and bottle drinks etc. *Adopt international MDB standard design. *The payment system support cash (bill+coin) / cashless. *Electric leakage protection function. *Explosion proof,dust-proof,waterproof luminescent metal keyboard. *The customized logo and wrapped in free charge. *Electrical supply AC100-240V,50/60HZ *4 x wheels, anti-thelf device, 2 white LED light inside, standby cabient for storage purpose; secured locking.

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