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>>> Product Overview KYBC stationary diesel engine driven self-priming pump is a pump with a novel structure developed on the base of similar technology abroad. The perfect combination of diesel engine and self -priming pump, together with four-wheel mobile trailer and outdoor shelter makes field operation possible, beyond the restriction of climate. The operation can be controlled both manually and automatically. Combined self-priming with non-clogging sewage, possessing the structure of axial-flow outer recirculation, the uniquely-designed pump body and impeller channel, diesel engine driven self-priming pump can absorb and discharge liquid with large particles and continuous fiber impurities, just as self-priming fresh water pump, without using bottom valve and pump container for water diversion. This pump is therefore can be widely used in municipal sewage discharge system as well as flood-fighting and emergency rescues. KYBC movable diesel engine driven self-priming is your best choice among all kinds of diesel engine driven self-priming pumps. Compared with domestic pumps of the same category, diesel engine driven self-priming pump is simpler in its structure, more better at self-priming work and more thoroughly in sewage charging. With its quality indexes taking the leading level in China, it has a good market appeal and promising future. >>> Model Meaning KYBC300-800-14-D No Name Model Meaning 1 KYBC Kaiyuan Movable Diesel Engine Driven Self-priming Pump 2 300 Inlet and Outlet Diameters 300mm 3 800 Flow Rate 800m3/h 4 14 Pump Head 14m 5 D Customized >>> Scope of Applications Ambient temperature ≤50°C, medium temperature ≤80°C, for specific job requirements, 200 °C is allowed. Medium PH level for cast iron is 6-9, for stainless steel is 2-13. The specific weight of the medium is required below 1240kg/m3 Self-priming lift should be controlled within the range of 4.5~5.5m, the overall length of suction pipes should be no more than 10m(≤10m) Pipe size capacity: the diameter of suspended particle is 50% of the diameter of the pump, and the length of fiber is 5times of pump's diameter. >>> Working Conditions Altitude: ≤2500m Ambient temperature: -25-55°C Relative air humidity: 9~95% Seismic intensity: 7 Flow range: 50~70(l/s) Head range: 5~70m Brands of diesel engine: WEICHAI, DONGFENG INSTITUTION, DONGFENG CUMMINS, WUXI POWER, CHANGFA, JICHAI, YUCHAI, BEINEI etc. >>> Structure and Operating Principles KYBC diesel engine driven self-priming pump is composed of diesel engine, coupling, pump body, impeller, rear cover, mechanical seal, pump spindle, bearing block, imported pump, gas-liquid separator tube, water valve and drain connection. The structure of the pump is shown in the following figure. Principle of operation: the pump body with fluid reservoir inside and the working chamber of the pump, being connected with each other through the reflowing valve on the upper side and circulation valve beneath it, from the axial-flow outer recirculation system of the pump. When the pump stops working, it already has a volume of liquid reserve inside its fluid reservoir, when the pump runs, the liquid inside is ejected upward with the air flow under the function of impeller, then it reflows into the working cavity through the gas-liquid separator tube, at the same time, the gas exhausted out of the pump, which makes the pump vacuumed inside so as to get self-priming realized. >>> Preparations before Starting Pump Check the fasteners of the joint parts, such as the pump seat, the coupling and the bearing carrier, and make sure that they would not loosen. If any of them get loose, fasten them. Check the connecting pipes and make sure that there is gas leakage

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