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Scarf is a very important category in the Apparel & Accessories industry. A good Scarf can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Scarf available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Scarf are made from various kinds of features such as Season, Spring / Autumn, Winter, Summer, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Season for example, you can find Spring / Autumn Season, Winter Season and more.

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Double -side digital printing silk scarf What is the Double-sided digital printing ? Different from traditional digital single-sided printing, the color on the back is achieved by the penetration of pigments on the front. Now with advanced double-sided digital printing technology, we can print your design on both sides of the fabric, which means full vibrant colour on the front and the back of your scarf. we can print not only the same color on both sides but also different colors on both sides. Now the way to identify which side of the scarf is the front and which side is the back is by comparing the shiny side and the matte side. Currently, the fabrics that can be used for double-sided printing are mainly thicker silk satin, twill and crepe de chine fabrics. In the process of continuous innovation and experimentation, Zhigeng Silk has developed for the first time in China fabrics that can be printed on wool and silk wool fabrics. Double-sided printing on the top brings a touch of bright color to the cold autumn and winter seasons Design types for the Double-sided digital printing We can transform any hand drawn or digital design ,photos into the most beautiful printed silk scarf. We focus on each silk scarf quality ,and respect every designer and artist, all copyright of your custom designs will be protected by our side Here are some handy tips for creating your artwork: -Create your designs in Adobe Photoshop, with a resolution of 300 dpi minimum -Ensure that your designs don't have any obvious joint lines -Consider any borders you wish to add and include them within your specified dimensions -Allow for hemming around the edges Don't have a design yet? We can help. we have over 3000+ availble designs for your choosing , Do you want to create your own design ? we can work with you and your chosen design/colour palette to bring your creation to life. How to customized with my design ? Let's start to make your customized printed silk scarf Professional silk fabric guide for the double-sided digital printing : Whilst we can print any designs, choosing the suitable fabric types is still the most important step . Mulberry silk is the fiber and it can be woven into different fabric types The key to creating the most beautiful double-sided digital printed silk scarf is choosing the right fabric. We suggest some thicker silk fabric types that we would recommend to achieve a perfect design details and colors. Mulberry silk fabric types Weight (suggest for double-sided digital printing ) Characteristics Silk Satin 14mm,16mm,19mm,22mm The silk satin fabric is incredibly soft and silky to the touch. With double-sided digital printing ,the printing colors has a lustrous shine on one side and a dull matte finish on the other. It is a perfect material that can be printed on, with high-quality, vibrant colours and images - this creates the perfect combination of a soft, luxurious look and feel and a vibrant pattern printed on to the surface. Popular used for square scarf,large shawl and neck scarf classic oblong scarf Silk Twill 14mm,16mm,18mm,22mm As its name implies, Silk Twill is a silk fabric that adopts twill weave, it features a distinguished diagonal rib pattern which means that the fabric is opaque, thick, and durable and with double-sided digital printing ,the front colors is almost the same as the backside colors. These great benefits of silk twill makes it a popular choice for many fashion designers and brands. Such items include scarves, shawls, neck scarves and Hijab scarves Silk Crepe De Chine (CDC) 14mm,16mm Crepe de chine fabric features a silky smooth feel, fluid drape and grainy texture. dense and breathable, it does not have a glossy luster, The fabri

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