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Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Machinery is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Machinery can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Machinery available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Brief introduction: The machine is apply to post-steaming after printing for bed sheet, 3D fabric cotton, acrylic, polyester fabric, etc Parameters: The main technical description Item Configuration Qty Description 1 Nominal Width The width of the roller is 2800mm 2 Machinery Vehicle Speed 5-70m/min, Can independently regulate 3 Capacity Of fabrics 420m ( maximum circulation Length: 700-2300mm) 4 Operating Temperature low temperature, 100ºC~105ºC (use steam); Hightemperature, 110ºC~200ºC (use heat-conductive oil); 5 Composition (1) Fabric feeding tractionsystem; (2)Intra-molecularcondensationsystem; (3)Main drive system; (4)Heating cycle system; (5)Heated air circulation system; (6)Water antidrip system. (7) Cloth falling system. 6 Driving mode: AC frequency conversion, (PLC control system), multi-unit isochronous governor. 7 Heating unit The super-heated steam produced by the boiler will be led to some special water boxes installing in the steamer, and will become saturated automatically through these special water boxes. By injecting the permute and live steam into the circulating vapor steam being delivered from the blast fan, about 70% of the steam will be delivered to the first cabin, meeting the humidity and steam requirement due to the color development of the fabric. 8 Dehumidification system The 4# dehumidification blower fan is set at the cloth in and out port respectively, and is droved by 2.2Kw double speed motor. 9 Driving The guide bar for delivering the fabric is fixed on the chains firmly and is droved by the chain, so that the guide bar cannot fall down. The guide bar can rotate within the range of 0 - 360°, so as to change the contact surface with the fabric. A set of machinery is used for controlling the intra-molecular condensation of the fabric, so as to ensure the correct intra-molecular condensation, positioning and operation of the fabric in the first cabin of the steam box. The high pressure stainless steel blower fan is set at the upper side of the intra-molecular condensation site, for air blowing circulation, so as to avoid the skidding of staining of the blanket during the intra-molecular condensation process. 10 Lubricating system 1 The lubricating oil automatic allocation system and the simple bearing oiling are adopted for lubrication, and the process is simple and the cost is low. 11 Cooling and cloth falling: 1 The cloth out roller at the output terminal will take down the fabric from the hangings bar, and the cloth will be folded for falling by the double acting folding device (driving motor 1.5KW). 12 Washing equipment 1 The washing equipment is set at the bottom of the steam box, for cleaning the hangings bar before the circulation in front of the steam box. 13 Cloth Guiding Rack 1 1. Made by folded A3 C steel; 2. 5 cloth guiding rollers with 2 of Ф200mm in diameter and 3 of Ф100mm; all are seamless steel pipe covered, non-deformable in shape 14 Frame 1 Vertical wall made by 4mm stainless steel plate and top and bottom by 2.5mm stainless steel plate, strengthened by bars 15 Cloth Feeding Roller 1 Cage structure with maximum diameterФ285mm 16 Cloth Guide Bar 184 Stainless steel pipe with knurled surface 17 Guide Bar Cantilever 368 Cast with stainless steel 18 Main Chain 736 Standard distance bushrooller chain 19 Total Motor Power 30KW 20 Steam Capacit 700Kg/hour 21 Figuration Dimension (L*W*H) 16260*4700*4520mm 22 Parts responsible by users External pipes for compressed air, water, steam, etc; wires and wire tubes on the machine and underground wiring 23 Documents delivered with the machine

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