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Pressure Sensor is a very important category in the Electrical & Electronics industry. A good Pressure Sensor can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Pressure Sensor available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Pressure Sensor are made from various kinds of features such as Output Signal Type, Digital Type, Analog Type, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Output Signal Type for example, you can find Digital Type Output Signal Type, Analog Type Output Signal Type and more.

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The Best Pressure Sensor Products

1 Summary CYX20 series differential pressure sensor is a differential pressure sensitive device isolated by stainless steel double corrugated diaphragm. The accurate measurement is achieved by transmitting through the isolation diaphragm and filled silicone oil to the silicon pressure-sensitive element. The sensor is made of international advanced silicon pressure chips with high stability and high precision, and adopts the sintering base with stress optimization design. The sensor is produced by the following processes: patching, gold wire bonding, diaphragm welding, high vacuum oil injection, pressure cycle stress relief, high temperature aging, temperature compensation, etc. The shape, size and sealing mode of the general products are consistent with the international mainstream products of the same kind, and have good interchangeability. They are widely used for differential pressure and liquid level measurement of compatible media with 316L stainless steel, NBR or FKM. 2 Product features measurement range: 0 ~ 10kPa&#8230;3.5MPa constant current / voltage supply isolated structure, suitable for multiple fluid media all 316L stainless steel static pressure 10MPa 1.5 times overvoltage of full scale 3 Application industrial process control liquid level measurement of pressure vessel gas and liquid pressure measurement pressure detection and calibration instrument differential pressure detection flow meter 4 Technical indicators 4.1 Electrical performance power supply: &le; 3.0mA; DC &le; 10V DC electrical connection: 0.2mm&sup2; four color 100mm silicon rubber flexible wire common-mode voltage output: 50% of current type input (typical value), 40% of voltage type input (typical value) input impedance: 2.7k&Omega; ~ 5k&Omega; output impedance: 3.0k&Omega; ~ 6k&Omega; response time (10% - 90%): < 1ms insulation resistance: 500M&Omega; / 100V DC allowable overvoltage: 1.5 times of full scale 4.2 Structure performance diaphragm material: stainless steel 316L shell material: stainless steel 316L pin lead: silicone rubber flexible wire sealing ring: NBR, FKM (optional) net weight: about 38g 4.3 Environment condition vibration: no change at 10gRMS, (20-2000) Hz constant acceleration: 100g, 11ms media compatibility: liquid or gas compatible with 316L and NBR (FKM optional) 4.4 Reference conditions medium temperature: (25 &plusmn; 3) &ordm;C ambient temperature: (25 &plusmn; 3) &ordm;C humidity: (50% &plusmn; 10%) RH ambient pressure: (86-106) kPa power supply: (1.5 &plusmn; 0.0015) mA DC 4.5 Standard range sensitivity output and optional pressure form Range Full scale output (mV) Typical value Pressure form Range Full scale output (mV) Typical value Pressure form 0~10kPa 35~60 45 D 0~400kPa 60~80 70 D 0~20kPa 70~110 90 D 0~600kPa 90~120 100 D 0~35kPa 55~80 70 D 0~1.0MPa 80~120 100 D 0~70kPa 55~80 60 D 0~1.6MPa 125~185 150 D 0~100kPa 60~85 75 D 0~2.0MPa 50~70 60 D 0~200kPa 65~85 75 D 0~3.5MPa 100~120 110 D 4.6 Basic parameters Parameters Typical value Max value Unit Full scale output 80 150 mV Zero output &plusmn; 1 &plusmn; 2 mV Nonlinearity 0.2 0.5 %FS Hysteresis 0.05 0.08 %FS Repeatability 0.05 0.08 %FS Input / output impedance 2.6 5.0 k&Omega; Zero temperature drift (note 1) &plusmn;0.4 &plusmn;1.0 %FS, @25&ordm;C Sensitivity temperature drift (note 2) &plusmn;0.4 &plusmn;1.0 %FS, @25&ordm;C Long-term stability 0.2 0.3 %FS / year Excitation current 1.5 (the maximum input voltage can be 10V) mA

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