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Product Description Prefabricated Steel Structure for steel warehouse,steel workshop steel Building with CE Certificate We have export abroad China more than 15 years ,the steel structure can be design below standard: 1.Europe standard: EN1090 EXC2 -CE approved ---already to Norway, Iceland, France, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia... 2.Africa Standard:EN1090 BS5950-2 GB etc- CE BV SGS approved ---already to Mauritania, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Angola, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi... 3.Middle Asia Standard:EN1090 BS5950-2 GB etc- CE BV SGS approved ---already to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan... 4.South east Asia:BS5950-2 GB etc- BV SGS approved- --already to Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, etc. 5.Australia Standard:AS-4100-1998- SGS approved- --already to Austalia--Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Queensland ,New Zeland 6.America:AISC 360-16 EN1090 BS5950-2 GB etc- BV SGS approved- --already to United States, Mexico, Dominica, Paraguay, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina... 1)All Steel structure Frame parts with prefabricated. (hole,weld,surface treatment etc) 2)All the Roof and Wall Panels already cut to size for your size structure. 3)Completely window and door with hinge,handle etc hardware 4)Bolts, Screws and pop-rivets needed to secure your structure. 5)flashing and Silicone to further help insulate your structure. 6)Other Accessories you have choose: gutter,water spout,ventilation fitting,stairs etc 7)Other internal simple equipment:LED light,shelf racks etc high quality steel structure warehouse building with CE certificate from STL Prefabricated Steel Structure building for Steel Warehouse with CE Certificate steel structure, steel structure building, steel structure warehouse, light steel structure, high quality steel structure, large span steel structure, high rise steel structurePrefab steel structure warehouse industry,China steel structure warehouse for sale,design steel structure warehouse. hangar, galvanized steel structure,portal frame steel structure,steel structure qingdao,prefabricated steel structure warehouse,high quality steel structure hangar,design steel structure workshop,qingdao steel structure,hangar prices,prefabricated warehouse steel structure,prefabricated steel structure building,steel structure warehouse price,steel structure prefabricated,prefabricated steel structure,steel structure shed design,light steel frame structure, Multi Floor steel structure When it comes to commercial style buildings, steel is the reliable way to go. In Fact, there are several studies out that show prefab steel is the better solution. Steel is the efficient, strong and sturdy solution for commercial buildings. They save time on maintenance and they're guaranteed to last. We offer clever designs, practical solutions, and aesthetically appealing metal commercial buildings at an affordable price. Steel Warehouse with office When we build a steel warehouse or steel workshop, an office is necessary.the office building we can building along the main building, also can inside of the main building, also the office building we can build into two floors , three floors etc. Generally configuration for a steel structure building: How to order a steel structure from us? 1.Project location? 2.What will be your building usage? 3.Load of your building:(if you really do not know, we will design according experience from the client your place ) Wind speed(KM/H) / Snow load (KG/M2) if have / Earthquake load if have 4.Size: Width x Length x Eave height ? (Accept internal column or not if your building more than 30m width) 5.Roof and wall coverage material? 6.Any

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