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Average lead time -one month PET/PP/PE/Agricultural Film/Woven Bag/Nylon/Bottle Flakes/ Pipes Shredder Crusher Washing Machine Plastic Recycling Machine Granulator Pelletizing Machine Description: For recycling the waste plastic, such as waste PET bottles, PP PE film, woven bags, nylon, bottle flakes, shred lumps, pipe flakes, we should use two recycling steps, first one is crushing washing drying, after washing recycling line, we can get clean dry plastic scrap/flakes, the second step is the pelletizing, we can feed the clean dry waste plastic scrap into the pelletizing line to get pellets, according to the different plastic type, the pelletizing machine is divided into water ring type pelletizing line and noodle strip pelletizing line, the feeding material type also have two different way, one is force feeding type which is suitable for hard material, another is compactor type pelletizing line, which is designed specially for soft material, like woven bags, nylon, film etc. Now our company produces both the crushing washing recycling machine and the pelletizing recycling machine, we can provide washing recycling line capacity from 300-2000kg/h, and pelletizing line capacity from 100-1500kg/h. Our pelletizing Machine Advanatges: 1) Simple design, user-friendly operation. 2) Siemens brand motors, ABB inverters. 3) Siemens PLC, Gefren pressure sensors, Omron Temperature controllers, LS air switch. 4) Lower investment cost for a high quality and durable machine. 5) Low energy consumption, High output. 6) Plastar produces more than 10 sets of series pelletizing machines per month. Usual delivery time: 50 days, and we have sample machines for customer visiting checking. 7) Engineers are available to do commissioning work abroad. Our Pelletizing Machine Features: 1. All recycling materials after sorting, crushing, and washing, no need spin-drying, or oven drying, or drying in the sun, can be used to produce. This plastic pelletizing line is applicable for both dry and wet materials. 2. It is full automatic from raw materials crushing, washing, feeding to pelletizing. 3. It takes full advantages of high pressure friction ceaseless temperature increasing system to heat, avoiding continuous heating, which is energy saving. 4. It adopts separate and full automatic power distribution system to ensure motor running under safe and normal condition. 5. Screw and barrel is made of high strengthened carbon steel, which has long using life. Application PP PE film plastic pelletizing production line is mainly used to make pellets from waste plastics, like PP, PE films, agricultural films, LDPE stretch films, LLDPE films, PP woven bags, shopping bags, and other soft PP,PE plastics. Processing capacity is from 100kg/h to 1500kg/h. Suitable raw material: After recycling pelletizing machine: Machine pictures for reference: Our crushing washing recycling machine: Our Pelletizing Line: Brief Machine Technical datas for reference: Please note: This chart if for reference, the detail machine technical datas will be provided after receiving your inquiry. Machine package&shipping: About our company: Zhangjiagang Plastar Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for kinds of plastic machines, such as waste plastic recycling machine, plastic crusher & Shredder, plastic pipe extrusion line, plastic profile extrusion line, and plastic process auxiliary machines, etc. The target of Plastar Machinery Co.,Ltd is to offer the best quality machines to the customers from all over the world. With the advanced technology, experienced engineers and skilled workers, we have the capability to manufacture specific machines according to customer's requirement. Excellent quality a

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