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Jingdong OEM laminator printing digital profile wrapping PVC Plastic extrusion double-sided film coating composite unit High speed woven bag laminating machine Product Description JD-LM90-900 plastic extrusion laminator is a high-speed multifunctional equipment widely used in the PP woven bag production industry. This machine adopts a dual host, dual mold, and dual composite roller design, using polyethylene or polypropylene as raw materials, and is extruded to complete double-sided lamination with the substrate cylinder woven fabric in one production process. The main advantage of this device is to make single or double-sided packaging bags with BOPP, PET, and non-woven fabrics. A key feature of this machine is its ability to perform automatic substrate replacement, automatic tension adjustment, speed synchronization operation, and double-sided BOPP automatic tracking and color matching, automatic switching of rolls, waste edge recycling, and other functions when the machine is running at 220M/MIN. The machine can ensure seamless product lamination process and produce consistent and reliable products. This is crucial for industries that require uniformly laminated PP woven bags. In summary, the JD-LM90-900 plastic extrusion double-sided layer press is a valuable asset in the woven bag production industry. Its unique structure improves efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and ensures the stability of product quality, which can elevate your product to new heights. With the continuous development of the industry, this machine will undoubtedly play an important role in meeting the growing demand of the market. In addition, our JD-LM105-1650 plastic single-layer extrusion double-sided layer press has a more compact structure and the same functions as JD-LM90-900; There is also an economical machine JD-FE105-900 plastic single-layer extrusion double-sided lamination press that is a good choice. Different lamination structures can obtain very few coatings to meet your different product needs. Product Parameters Laminating Width 300-800(mm) Laminating Thickness 0.008-0.02(mm) Laminating Line Speed 20-220m/min screw diameter Φ90 L/D 33:1 screw speed 100r/min Maximum extrusion volume 200kg/h×2 Roller Effecive Length 900(mm) Die Head Length 1000(mm) Max Dia Of Unwinder 1500(mm) Rewinding and unwinding steel core 3" pneumatic shaft or mechanical shaft is optional Unwinding automatic deviation correction stroke ±100(mm) Main motor power of extruder 22(kw) Total power 150(kw) Power supply 380v/220v 50hz Three-phase four-wire Air flow (m3/min) (Pneumatic and cold water users should prepare by themselves) 0.6 Total water supply 0.5m3/min softened water(pressure 0.25-0.4 mPa) Overall dimensions 18×9×3(m) Total Weight 22 tons Suitable material "Boucle: 50-120g/m2 cylindrical or sheet woven fabric Film base: 12-25μm printed BOPP film Extrusion material: film-grade PE, PP" Machine color Computer color + dark gray Machine type Left and right models (left mobile phone: on the operating surface facing the extruder, the left hand side is for placing cloth, the opposite is the right mobile phone) Detailed Photos Suitable for cutting and sewing all kinds of market bags, fertilizer bags, rice bags, and express paper and plastic bags, it is a one-time processing equipment to complete the whole roll of woven bags to finished products. The machine integrates cutting and automatic edge folding (paper wrapping), automatic sewing, printing and automatic material collection into one machine. With the characteristics of fast speed, easy operation and convenient maintenance, it is the ideal equipment pursued by all kinds of market bags

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