What is Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Plastic Granulator can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Plastic Granulator available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Plastic Granulator

At made-in-china.com, Plastic Granulator are made from various kinds of features such as Screw, Single-Screw, Double-Screw, Multi-Screw, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Screw for example, you can find Single-Screw Screw, Double-Screw Screw and more.

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The Best Plastic Granulator Products

Yuyao Guotai rubber and plastic Machinery Co. LTD Main products: plastic pipe extruder production line, plastic profile extrusion production line, wire/cable extrusion production line, plastic granulation unit and so on. Support to map to sample custom mold Product Description Detailed Photos The following are the molds for various products Packaging & Shipping Plastic Extruder manufacturing plant Application: This kind of extruder has wide application. Adopt different screw structure types, installed with siutable die head and downstream equipments, can produce all kinds of polymer products, can produce from HDPE, PP, ABS, PVC, PET, PC, PS and other plastics material to pipes, profiles, sheets and granules Specifications Plastic extruding machine 1. High capacity 2. Long life 3. High speed extrusion 4. Low energy consumption The characteristics: 1) Installed with imported termo controllers, imported inverters or converters. 2) Hardened gear reducer box, carburized and grinded teeth, installed with forced cooling system to ensure high-performance, low noise and long service life 3) For the material feeding section of barrel there're slotted bushing and smooth grooves, two designs to meet the needs of different raw materials. 4) Screw and barrel made of nitrided 38CrMoALA wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high strength. 5) We also can provide a variety of exhaust-type extruder Customer choice: Mode Screw Dia. Length to diameter Rotational Speed of screw Height of center point Capacity Power Drive motor SJ-3-/25CY 30mm 25: 1 10-160r/min 1000mm 19.5kg/h 2.2kw, 3kw SJ-45D 45mm 20: 1 10-90r/min 1000mm 22.5kg/h 5.5kw SJ-45/25CY 45mm 25: 1 16-160r/min 1000mm 35kg/h 7.5kw, 11kw SJ-45/28CY 45mm 28: 1 16-160r/min 1000mm 40kg/h 7.5kw, 11kw SJ-45/25HY 45mm 25: 1 16-160r/min 1000mm 35kg/h 11kw SJ-50/25HY 50mm 25: 1 16-160r/min 1000mm 40kg/h 11kw, 15kw SJ-65/25HY 65mm 25: 1 8-80r/min 1000mm 100kg/h 18.5kw SJ-65/28CY 65mm 25: 1 15-120r/min 1000mm 100kg/h 18.5kw, 22kw SJ-65/28HY 65mm 28: 1 16-160r/min 1000mm 120kg/h 22kw, 30kw SJ-65/30CY 65mm 30: 1 15-120r/min 1000mm 120kg/h 22kw, 30kw, 37kw SJ-65/34CY 65mm 34: 1 15-120r/min 1000mm 120kg/h 22kw, 30kw, 37kw SJ-70/25HY 70mm 25: 1 8-80r/min 1000mm 120kg/h 22kw SJ-90/25HY 90mm 25: 1 10-100r/min 1000mm 155kg/h 30kw, 45kw, 55kw SJ-120HY 120mm 25: 1 30-90r/min 1000mm 250kg/h 75kw

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