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Xinda Twin Screw Extruder for Masterbatch The barrel can be opened in minutes. This makes product changeover, maintenance, and research fast and easy. Both screws and barrels are designed using the building block principle. The screw configuration, barrel setup, feeding and venting, screen changing, way of pelletizing, and process requirements, in consideration of the machine's versatility in other general applications. We provide our machinery users with consistently high productivity and product quality and the maximum cost-effectiveness with XINDA technology. The XINDA twin screw (P)SHJ series is ideal for the precise compounding of polyolefins, engineered plastics, and other continuous processes. Color masterbatch PE, PP, ABS, AS, PA, EVA, PET+pigment Filler masterbatch PE,PP, EVA,etc+ CaCO3, talc, Titanic powder, etc ABS, PC, PS, etc + ATH, MGH,etc PP, PA, ABS + ferrous powder, ceramic powder, etc. Reinforcement PP. PBT, ABS, AS, PA, PC. POM, PPS, PET+ long/short glass fibers Functional masterbatch PE, PP, PS, etc + starch, decomposing agent PP, PA, ABS, PBT, etc + flame-retardant agent PE, EVA, ABS, etc + Carbon black Wire and cable compounds HFFR; XLPE; Semi-conductive; Sioplas, etc. Powder coating Hybrid; Polyester; Polyurethane; Epoxy, etc. Direct extrusion Product Description Model PSHJ-20 PSHJ-35 PSHJ-50 PSHJ-65 PSHJ-75 PSHJ-127 Screw Diameter:MM 21.7 35.6 50.5 62.4 71 126 Central Distance 18 30 42 52 60 102 Length Diameter Ratio 28-52 28-52 28-52 28-52 28-52 28-52 Main Motor Power 4-5.5 22-45 75-110 110-185 160-280 90-160 Max.Screw Speed:RPM 600 600 600 600 600 600 Output Torque per Shaft:N.m 32-43 175-358 597-875 875-1472 1273-2228 850-1528 Reference Output: KG/HOUR 44336 20-80 80-200 150-350 300-600 800-1500 Product Details Our Advantages XINDA IS THE BIRTHPLACE OF CHINA'S FIRST CO-KNEADER WHICH IS GOOD FOR COMPOUNDING. XINDA IS ALSO GOOD AT MANUFACTURING TWIN SCREW EXTRUDERS TO MEET VARIOUS MARKET NEEDS. Modular construction The XINDA PSHJ twin screw series is built on a modular system. The major advantage of this modular design is its versatile configurations. Processing tasks can be optimally accomplished with only a few barrel and screw variations. Clamshell Barrel The barrel can be opened in minutes. This makes product changeover, maintenance, and research fast and easy. Barrel Section- Separately controlled The modular principle of the barrel permits precise sequencing for each application. Each barrel section's temperature can be set separately. Electrical heater shells provide for heating, cooling is obtained with water. Barrels, as well as screw and kneading elements, are made out of nitrided steel in the standard version, the wear-resistant version is made of suitable materials, corresponding to the respective requirements. Standard barrels The freely selectable order of screws and kneading elements assure the process sections mating the process configuration. Thus, different process zones can be set up interchangeably, according to the requirements for Conveying; Plasticizing; Mixing and shearing; Homogenizing; Degassing; and Pressure building. Packaging & Shipping Company Profile Certifications Customers

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