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Tissue / Toilet Paper Machine The tissue paper machine is the general name of the whole set of equipment which makes the pulp form the web, including the headbox, the forming section, the press section, the dryer section, the calender, the winder, the transmission part and the auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication and heat recovery. Structure Forming fabric is a ring net without end, between the breast roller and the roller, a horizontal or slightly inclined flat mesh surface is formed. As the working section of pulp dehydration, it is used to be called the wire table, so it is called fourdrinier machine. If the endless forming fabric is placed on the cylinder mould, it becomes the working section of arc dehydration forming, which is called the cylinder paper machine. Forming Section The forming section is composed of headbox, chest roll, forming fabric, vacuum suction box and couch roll. The headbox distributor sprays the slurry from the conveying system evenly to the forming fabric, and the slurry speed should match the wire speed. Press section The formed wet paper is further dehydrated by means of pressure. It consists of two hard and soft rollers, such as stone roller and rubber roller. The press section is composed of pressing groups of the same or different forms, in which the vacuum suction device is also included in the habit. When pressing, the appropriate specification of press felt is used to support the paper sheet, which can evenly distribute the pressure and take away part of the water from the press, and can enhance the pressure and improve the dehydration ability of the press. Dryer Section A group of dryers is driven by gears or dryer screen, and a dryer section is composed of several groups of dryers. The linear speed of each group of dryer can be adjusted separately to maintain the micro speed difference between each group of dryer to compensate the shrinkage of paper in the drying process. The dryness of the paper out of the drying section is generally about 92-94%. Surface Finishing Section In the paper machine after the mechanical calender calendering, so that the paper surface is flat and consistent. The mechanical calender is made of a number of cold cast iron rollers. The paper surface is flattened by the weight of each roller or by additional pressure. Transmission system All parts of the paper machine are connected and run synchronously to form a mechanical and electrical integration. It is composed of mechanical decelerating device, speed regulating and stabilizing device, partial transmission device, etc., all of which use electric power as the power source. White water system The paper machine forming section dehydration recovery, treatment and reuse system. Including white water collection, transportation, filtration or sedimentation, air flotation and other equipment, to separate and recycle fiber and filler reuse, as well as the clean white water recycling system in the papermaking process. Auxiliary system It is composed of electrical system, vacuum system, lubrication system, workshop steam supply and exhaust system, paper loss treatment system, compressed air system, steam supply and water supply and drainage system. Our paper machine spare parts:headbox,dryer cylinder,vacuum suction box,cylinder mould,rolls doctor blade,press felt,forming fabric,dryer screen,etc. If you have interest in any our products,please contact us

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