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PU Mixing Gasket Seal Equipment Brife Intruduction: Full-automation; Water cleaning; Process: FIPFG(foamed-in-place foam gasket) Mixing error: ≤ 0.3%; Process speed: 6 ~ 30 m/ min; Amount of output: 1-4g/s . Strip width: 1.5-30mm Effective work scope: 1200mm*2200mm*190mm( can be changed) Control System: Germany Beckhoff System (It has the functions of remote monitoring and service) Foreign after-sale service available; Installation Instruction on customer's factory; Certification: ISO9001: 2008, ISO9001: 2012, CE, SASO, IEC, SGS and etc... Contact Tel number: 0411-39525055. Theory: The foam sealing equipment, is a facility designed by our company especially to two-component liquid resin. It achieves mechanical four-axis (X, Y, Z, W)linkage through the control of industrial computer. The two-component liquid resin of Foam sealing machine mix according to a certain proportion. Then the uniform mixture of Foam sealing machine is given out along a chosen track and foams in place operated by the Foam sealing machine. The processing speed can be up to 6 ~ 30 m / min depended on process requirements. Foam sealing machine machine is widely used in cabinets, lighting, automobile and other sealing areas. Features Excellent sealing performance Intelligent equipment and polyurethane materials, guarantee the product's stable quality. In any environment, it can do complete sealing. That is to say damp, dust, harmful substances can all be blocked out. The products have the features of good resistance to tensile, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and fracture resistance, etc. Reliable security features Well-equipped early warning, prevention systems and environment-friendly design, provide customers an Important guarantee for the safety and health. Higher productivity Sealing system explains a simple process. Its high degree of automation get high speed, efficient and convenient sealing work finished in one step without extra procedure. Personalized service We specialize in develop and make sealing system, supply our customers with personalized services according to their needs. We can provide after-sale service worldwide. High degree of automation All the procedures are controlled by the human-computer interface control part, including automatic mixing and feeding system, graphics design, glue spreading, water cleaning, automatic exhaust system. All the operating parameters, such as output, dispensing values, speed and acceleration/deceleration ramps can be monitored and controlled through extensively visualized menus. Sample Picture:
PU Mixing Gasket Seal Equipment

PU Mixing Gasket Seal Equipment

US $ 56,000-70,000/ Set FOB
MOQ: 1 Set
Since 2013
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