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Hone Machinery with a strong team and imported technical support. We supplier of Cosmetic/Chemicals/Food Machinery with more than 15 years experiences. Quality and Service is Guaranteed. such as Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer. Homogenizer Mixers, liquid making machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc. Our main business is provide you complete solution from A to Z with Turnkey service. All of our machines meet hygiene standard with CE certification Product Description Honemix Cosmetic Viscosity Cream Paste Shampoo Lotion Vacuum Emulsifying/Homogenizer/ Emuslifier/Mixing/Mixer Making Machine Production Equipment When the materials are under the vacuum condition, it makes use of the high shear emulsifier to distribute one or several another continuous phase rapidly and evenly. The materials will be processed in the narrow space between stator and rotor by strong energy of motion produced by the machine effect. By the operation of hydraulic shearing, centrifugal extruding, impacting, breaking and turbulence for over 199 thousand times per minute, the materials will be dispersed and emulsified instantly and evenly. After reciprocating circulation at high frequency, the fine finished products of stable and high quality without bubbles will achieved. Vacuum Lotion Making Emulsifying consists of main pot, water/ oil tank, hydraulic lifting system, HMI control system, homogenizer, mixing system, heating & cooling system, tilting discharge, vacuum system. Hydraulic lifting design, Lid could lift up and down Tilting discharge for convenience discharge and clean Jacket electric/steam heating, cooling in the jacket as well Frame wall scrape agitator Homogenizer at bottom of tank, strong power to emulsion materials quickly Independent electric cabinet control system All contact parts SUS316L Material, Other parts are SUS304, GMP standard Equipped Water and Oil melting tank Option functions: HMI control system Pipes and Fittings for water supply, heating, cooling, discharge Flow meter, Weighing scale Automatic valves control system CIP clean system Detailed Photos The hydraulic lift Lid Parts Man-Hole Material suction inletVacuum presssure gauge Vacuum port Vent filter Positive pressure inlet Perfume hopper CIP spray ball LED Light Sight window Frame Wall Scrapper Mixer SUS316L TWO WAYS HELIX Wall scrapper mixer PTFE scraper Fixed propeller 45degree blades on opposite angles to make sure mixture complete Siemens motor drive (ABB is optional) 0-65rpm with variable speed control Bottom Homogenizer SUS316L Homogenizer Siemens motor drive (ABB is optional) 0-3600rpm with variable speed control Upper homogenizer is optional Water and Oil Pot (Option) Machine equipped A set of water and oil pot Siemens motor driven, 1440RPM (ABB is optional) Electric heating by Water or Conduction Oil Mixing: High shearing Disperser plates with baffle on the wall Half open hinged lid for easy operation Top/Bottom disperser (Option) Anti-skid stairs Stair is made for Stainless steel, easy to installing Consider the height of the main pot, More than 100L, we suggest you to choose vacuum mixer machine with stair type. if you have any spec requirements, let me know ;) Electric box The button operation is simple and easy to understand, Famous parts, more durable Product Parameters Capacity Homogenizer Agitator Vacuum pump Heating KW RPM KW RPM KW Limited Electric Steam 50L 2.2 0-3600 1.1 0-60 0.75 -0.08Mpa 18 9 100L 4 0-3600 1.5 0-60 1.1 -0.08Mpa 21 12 200L 5.5 0-3600 2.2 0-60 1.5 -0.08Mpa 24 16 300L 7.5 0-3600 3 0-60 2.2 -0.08Mpa 27 24 500L 11 0-3600 5.5 0-60 3 -0.08Mpa 30 36 Customize According to the URS

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