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Description Sectional doors are widely used in areas with high cleanliness requirements, such as factories, medicine, food, electronics, Printing, supermarkets, etc. The doors have a beautiful appearance, with features of high strength, low noise and insulation properties. Technical data: Industrial Sectional Door Max dimension Automatic PU Foam Insulated Garage door with Pedestrian Doorwidth * height 12000mm*8000mm Power supply 220&plusmn;10%V, or 380V, 50/60Hz, IP55 Opening and closing speed 20-40cm/s Door panel thickness 40mm/50mm/75mm/100mm/Back rib door PU Denisity 48&plusmn;2kg/m3 Wind resistance 28-35m/s (Class 10-12) Sound insulation level 24DB Water tightness 30Pa K Value 1.5W/M2.K Thermal Conductivity <= 0.033W/M.K Structure Diagram: Product Details: 1.Lift way: 2. Motor and controller: 3. Sandwich panel: A. Two layer 0.4mm powder coated galvanized steel plate, PU foaming density 48&plusmn;2kg/m3 B. Surface printing layer: 30um C. Total thickness: 40mm (standard) 50mm/75mm/100mm(optional) 4. Spring Safety device: 1. Spring brake device: anti-broken 2. Service life: 100 thousand opening and closing 3. Driving force: 140N 4. Choosen according to door size, weight and lifting pattern 5. Falling Protection Devices: Door bottom is equipped with droping avoid steel cord, securing the accident dropping within 5cm. 6. Guide rail: A. Special design three angle wheel brace secure smooth rolling of wheel B. Mute nylon wheel, noise level: <=60db 7. Seals: EPDM sealing rubber is installed onto top, bottom and periphery, 8. Buffer and hinges: 9. Manual device(Only for manual door): 10.Bottom Wireless safety airbage: It makes the door body lift back when touching something during closing and stops the movement during opening. 11.Optional parts: You will receive: Products real shot:

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