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Knitting Machine is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Knitting Machine can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Knitting Machine available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Knitting Machine

At made-in-china.com, Knitting Machine are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Jacquard, Crochet, Terry, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Jacquard Type, Crochet Type and more.

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The Best Knitting Machine Products

HAVE YOU MEET GSJX WALK WITH KNITTER PROFESSIONAL OF KNITTING MACHINERY With 25 years of product upgrade,and 25 years of service improvement,guosheng is now at the very forefront of world's smart manufacturer of knitting machines.It undertakes the task of improving the performance of the whole products,and join hands with the knitter to constantly make significant contributions to the standardization of the world's knitting machine. REASONS TO BUY IT You will get free machine operation training & pattern-designing training as soon as you buy our machine now. Mature and attentive service is what Guosheng hold as the principle of service,machine operation training for free and pattern-designing training for free to free customers . One year warranty period Guosheng has stable inventory and efficient production capacity It is our responsibility to give you a satisfactory purchasing experience.We pursue quantity and quality.Guosheng has a complete inventory system, which can meet the needs of every customer, and sets the delivery period at about 10 days.We also accept private orders,and if you require customization, our assembly line can effectively improve work efficiency and greatly shorten the delivery time. It's an efficient, high-quality machine you can't miss it 1) The cam structure optimization,used the motor model,greatly improved the speed of needle transfer. 2) Small carriage,can return fast,improved work efficiency. 3) Cooperating the yarn storge improved the flatness of fabric. 4) Needle plate adopts the milling flute method with simple structure,it can sustain high efficiency working after heat treatment. Product Application This is computerized flat knitting machine with single carriage single system. This series is economictype.flat knitting machine applies digital technology to achieve tranfers,tuck,eyelet stitch,jacquard,apparent shape,hidden shape and other regular pattern knitting functions. Flat knitting machine can knit basic stitch like plain stitch, rib fabric, links and links, interlock stitch, etc. irre MODEL GSJX-1-52 GAUGE 10G,11G,12G KNITTING SYSTEM SINGLE SYSTEM SINGLE CARRIAGE KNITTING WIDTH 52INCH KNITTING SPEED 1.2m/s MAX.1.2M/SEC KNITTING FUNCTION TRANFER,TUCK,MISS,JACQUARD,INTARSIA,HIDE OR APPARENT SHAPING. STITCH DENSITY STITCH SYSTEM CONTROLLED BY STEPPING MOTOR,32 SECTION STITCH SELECTABLE,ADJUSTABLE SCOPE SUPPORTED BY SUBDIVISION TECHNOLOGY:0-650 RACKING CONTROLLED BY AC SERVO MOTOR,RACKING WITHIN 2 INCHES AND WITH FINE ADJUSTIING FUNCTION. DRIVE SYSTEM SYNCHRONOUS BELT DRIVE,AC SERVO SYSTEM NEEDLE SELECTION CONTROLLED BY COMPUTER,ELECTRIC MAGNET NEEDLE CHOOSE SYSTEM WITH HIGH EFFICIENCY. YARN CARRIER 1x8YARN CARRIERS ON EACH SIDE OF 4 GUIDE RAILS,SHIFTABLE ON ANY NEEDLE POSITION TAKE DOWN ROLLER PROGRAMMED INSTRUCTION CONTROLLED BY STEPPING MOTOR,32 SECTION LEVELS SELECTION ADJUSTABLE AREA:0-100 PROTECTION SYSTEM THE MACHINE WILL AUTOMATICALLY ALARM IF YARN BREAKING,FLOAT YARN,REWIND,END OF KNITTING, FAIL OF RACKING,NEEDLE BREAKAGE AND ERROR PROGRAMMING OCCUR ECT. CONTROL SYSTEM 1,ADOPT LCD SCREEN,INPUT DEVICE:USB,SYSTEM MEMORY 256MB,A GREAT AMOUNT OF DESIGN FILES CAN BE STORED.2,MONITORING MENU,EACH KIND OF OPERATING PARAMETER, CAN BE SHOWN,AND THEY CAN BE ADJUSTED AT ANY TIME WHEN THE MACHINE IS RUNNING.3,DESIGN SYSTEM IS VISUAL AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND UPGRAD.4,MULTI LANGUAGE VERSION,THERE ARE CHINESE,ENGLISH ETC. POWER 220V ,SINGLE-PHASE,HAVE MEMORIZING FUNCTION AT THE POWER-OFF MOMENT Certifications We take care of every product like a child To make sure the product is safe during transportation,we use vacuum package to prevent moisture and rust.In add

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