What is Keyboard

Keyboard is a very important category in the Computer Products industry. A good Keyboard can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Keyboard available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Keyboard

At made-in-china.com, Keyboard are made from various kinds of features such as Connection Type, Wired, Bluetooth, Wireless, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Connection Type for example, you can find Wired Connection Type, Bluetooth Connection Type and more.

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The Best Keyboard Products

1. Appearance; pvc veneer wood grain 2. Color classification; pvc; black, white, orange 3. Two kinds of keyboards: 88-key international standard size heavy hammer piano keyboard, also known as hammer keyboard. (Note: piano feel); 88-key international standard piano keyboard. 4. Keyboard cover: no cover; 5. Speaker; HIFI full-band 3D stereo high-power speaker, 4 ohms 6W*2; 6. Audio motherboard; Dream series 5 series high-end audio source; 7. Tone: 380 (1-380) 8. Rhythm: 128 (1-128) 9. Demonstration Song: 80 (1-80) 10. Display: three-digit digital display 11. Voice Control: Dual Voice, Dual Keyboard, Metronome, Transpose 12. Chord Control: Single Finger, Fingered Chords 13. Recording control: powerful program recording function 14. Polyphony; 128; 15. Digital power amplifier; It has the characteristics of anti-interference zero noise, zero distortion, large dynamic range, low frequency shock, etc.; 16. Force control: 16-level touch sensitivity; 17. Three pedals: sustain pedal, soft pedal, sustain pedal 18. Square mouth with MIDI function USB socket function: connect mobile phones, computers, tablets and other smart devices: (can be quickly and easily connected to a computer or other MIDI devices for interaction and creation) 19. Audio input/audio output; 20. Dual headphone jack (6.5mm stereo); 21. The volume button sound volume can be adjusted arbitrarily; 22. Power interface: AC220V/50Hz 12~15V3A 23. Power switch; 24. Heavy hammer assembly specification; length 132.5cm*width 35cm*height 13.5cm, weight about 11kg; heavy hammer packaging specification; length 141cm*width 43cm*height 22cm; according to the logistics throwing ratio, the packaging and transportation weight is 22kg; Strength assembly specification; length 132. 5* width 28* height 11.3; strength packaging specification; length 138. 5* width 33. 8* height 18; according to the logistics throwing ratio, the packaging and transportation weight is 14kg;

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