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Infrared Lamp is a very important category in the Lights & Lighting industry. A good Infrared Lamp can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Infrared Lamp available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Infrared Lamp are made from various kinds of features such as Usage, Industrial Use, Home, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Usage for example, you can find Industrial Use Usage, Home Usage and more.

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Twin Tube Gold Reflector Short Wave Halogen Heater Infrared Heating Tube Radiation IR Emitter Quartz Bulb Replacement Lamp For Heidelberg Sm74-Sw Roland Machine Compared with convection heating and traditional heating, radiation is a powerful and efficient heating method. In fact, the radiation does not need to be in direct contact with the surface of the object, nor does it need to heat the object through any medium such as air. Radiation is achieved by the heating element conducting energy by releasing electromagnetic rays. Heating performance is affected by the following factors: the temperature of the heating element, the ability of the heated body to absorb radiant heat, and the shape, location and distance between the heated body and the thermal energy source. Infrared quartz radiators produce infrared wavelengths in the range 3.5 μm (medium wave) and 0.9 μm (short wave). Depending on the properties of the material being heated, infrared rays of different wavelengths can be selected to maximize energy transmission and achieve a faster and more efficient heating process. If compared to traditional systems using hot air heating, infrared heaters can generate more energy per unit area, which like light can be focused, concentrated, directed and reflected. The application of this technology can bring huge benefits: • Rapid heating process; • Energy saving and low ambient heat; • The radiator is easy to control; • No direct contact with materials and no pollution to the surrounding environment; • Compared with traditional hot air heating equipment, infrared quartz heating modules and stoves are smaller in size and volume. short wave Infrared heater lamp Yinfrared has been producing high quality electric infrared heating equipment since 2009. We built and installed the first infrared paint curing oven for an automotive company. Today, our products are used in industries such as automotive, plastics, printing, food, electronics, textiles and comfort heating. What sets us apart from the competition is that we manufacture quartz infrared lamps. As a manufacturer, we have the flexibility and knowledge to design systems for applications using the most efficient infrared wavelengths. We manufacture SW and MW IR lamps in single or dual tube designs, with or without gold or white oxide primary reflectors. Yinfrared also manufactures quality replacement lamps for many competitor devices. Whether it's M&R's screen printing lamps, Heidelberg's twin-tube printer lamps, Fostoria and Solira comfort heating lamps, or Emitted Energy's plastic stake welding lamps, we offer very competitive prices and are often in stock for delivery. goods. Wide range of applications - Heater - Plastic forming - Bottle blowing - Paint drying - Food catering/processing and etc. - Pre-heating of PET perform - Fusing printing ink - Drying process in paper mill - Plastics thermoforming - Silicon wafer manufacturing process in Semiconductor - And various kind of drying processes Advantages and features of IR lamps: Very High Heating Rates. The extremely high source temperature of the tungsten filament leads to high thermal transfer and extremely fast heating. Fast Response. The low thermal mass of the tungsten filament gives outstanding control of the heat output and process temperature. Full output can be obtained within seconds of applied power. Also, power can be turned off almost immediately if production should stop. Controllable Output. Output can be controlled precisely to match the temperature requirements of the process. Directional Heating. Systems are able to selectively heat specific regions of the part. Clean Heating. Electric heat sou

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