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Midea Vc PRO Series Cooling Only HVAC System Vrv Vrf Air Conditioner Midea CAC Introduction Midea Product Portfolio Products Show Product Details As the leading VRF product, V6 boasts substantial benefits such as the single capacity can be up to 90HP which is leading in HVAC industry; EVI compressor significantly increases heating and cooling capacity under extreme conditions, EMS realizes that evaporating temperature (in cooling) and condensing temperature (in heating) are automatically adjustedaccording to both indoor and outdoor temperature to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency. Besides, the intelligent control system adds more value to V6 product. Product Advantages 1.Wide Capacity Range For single unit, the footprint is small and maximum capacity is up to 30HP, For combined units, maximum three 30HP units can be combined with capacity up to 90HP. 2.Wide Operation Range The VC Pro VRF can Operate stably in a wide ambient temperature range: from -5ºC to 55ºC in cooling mode. 3.Long Piping Capability 4.Oil Balance pipe not required With the new oil management system, there is no need of oil balance pipe. Projects Show About Beijing Midea Overseas Our Company Advantages

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