What is Industrial Air Conditioner

Industrial Air Conditioner is a very important category in the Industrial Equipment & Components industry. A good Industrial Air Conditioner can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Industrial Air Conditioner available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Industrial Air Conditioner

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The Best Industrial Air Conditioner Products

Product Description Working Principle When hot/cold water or stream passes the equipment, the efficient heat exchanger in the equipment is used to achieve rapid heating/cooling of the air. The large wind pressure axial flow fan installed on the top is used to forcedly press the hot/cold air down. Then the air is subject to pressure boost twice through the silencer sponge and the lower trapezoidal convergence, swirls out from the nozzle through the guide vane and is distributed throughout the space from top to down. Features By adjusting wind speed and air outlet angle, it achieves comfortable cooling or heating environment Supply air angle stepless regulation Utilize axial fan to efficiently recover heat from the top space, reducing heat/cool loss from the roof, achieving energy-saving effects The fan is installed below the air exchanger to control noise level (<60 dB) The special designed square-shaped type air exchanger prevent the leakage of condensate water The complex designed air exchanger, 1.5 times exchange area than others, takes significant heating efficiency Long air supply distance, high hot/cold air volume 4 sides return air structure, installed on the roof, require smaller installation space Function: cooling, heating Technical Comparison AirTS top heating and cooling units High and large space air conditioner lifted on the roof It achieves heating /cooling air from the air exchanger in the equipment It distributes the hot /cold air by means of efficient air distributor, which eliminates the undesirable indoor temp layers Comfortable heating / cooling environment without wind feeling sense Bottom heating unit In high large space with great depth, using radiator can allow natural air convection as hot air rises It can only radiate into small area with the range less than 5m. The heat rising to the roof will be dissipated and the temp cannot be achieved effectively in the middle area. Radiator heating requires high requirements for supply water temp. AirTS units temp field Our heating units forcedly and quickly send the hot air down, make the temp in the working area rise rapidly. Radiator heating temp field It can be seen from the radiator heating temp field image that the heat is mainly gathered on the roof and the temperature is low in the lower working area. Product Parameters Recirculated Air Heating and Cooling Unit Model AirTS-K-I AirTS-K-II Rotating speed of fan r/min 0~900 0~860 Standard circulating air volume m&sup3;/h 0~6900 0~10100 Voltage V 380&plusmn;5% 380&plusmn;5% Electric power kW 0~0.85 0~1.80 Current A 0~1.65 0~3.60 Suitable installation height m 4~15 4~23 Control mode VAV stepless regulation VAV stepless regulation Noise dB <60 <60 Company Profile AirTS was established in 2005 as a technology-driven enterprise that integrates researchand development, manufacturing, sales, and technical services for energy-savingequipment. We are specialized in providing comprehensive solutions for system design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of energy-saving projects. AirTS product line primarily consists of energy-efficient air conditioning systems specifically designed for high and large space, encompassing heating units, heating and cooling units, gas heating units, gas radiation units, VRF air conditioners, hot air curtain units, industrial HVLS fans, industrial control systems, and other products tailored for large spaces. These solutions effectively resolve diverse requirements such as heating, cooling, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification, dust removal, and automation control in buildings ranging from 4 to 30 meters in height. AirTS has collaborated with over 2000 well-known customers, with numerous ap

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