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Product Description Vehicle Dimensions 7880x2500x3600 Box volume 9.5 CBM Curb weight 8300 Rated quality 9505 Gross Vehicle Weight 18000 Wheelbase 4500 Approach/Departure Angle(°) 17/15 Front and Rear Overhang 1400/1700 Axle load 6500 Number of axles 2 Front track 1876 Rear track 1820 Tire specifications 10.00R20 The number of tire 6 Max speed 89 Fuel types Diesel Square tank can be equipped with 1.Installing a sealed discharge system: A sealed discharge system can be added to the square tank to ensure the safety and sealing of the materials. This helps prevent material leakage and contamination, and provides better operational control. 2.Optional installation of a PLC electronic control device for one-key operation: You can choose to install a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) electronic control device to achieve one-key operation. The PLC electronic control device can be used to control and automate functions such as discharge, heating, and weighing of the tank, improving operational convenience and efficiency. 3.Weighing function: The weighing function can be added by installing weighing sensors or devices to measure and monitor the weight of materials inside the square tank. This helps to achieve precise control of material input and production processes. 4. Heating function: The square tank can be equipped with a heating function, typically used for heating oil or other materials that require a certain temperature. The heating pipes can be arranged below the insulation board, effectively saving space and ensuring uniform and efficient heating. Product Picture

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