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GPS Tracker is a very important category in the Electrical & Electronics industry. A good GPS Tracker can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of GPS Tracker available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, GPS Tracker are made from various kinds of features such as Certification, RoHS, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Certification for example, you can find RoHS Certification, ISO/TS16949 Certification and more.

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Real time 4G LTE acc detection programmable gps tracker TK419 universal compatibility Product Features: 1. 4G LTE full network support (fallback to 3G/2G network), support 4G LTE/WCDMA/UMTS 2. Intelligent real-time tracking, and report the location 3. Vehicle trip history and mileage data on web server 4. Certifications and approvals (only for module) GCF (Global),CE, PTCRB, RCM, FCC,IC, JATE, Anatel, FAC, CCC etc. 5. GPS/LBS dual positioning, and support A-GPS 6. IBUTTON probe can be connected to external IBUTTONinterface for ID confirm 7. GPIO extension, can be extended to Serial Port 8. Adopting the new Eelinktech Protocol 2.0 (TCP), the firmware can be upgraded remotely (OTA) 9. Logging Out of Range: Your GPS data will be logged to the 4B Memory inside the tracker when the vehicle is out of range or there is no signal. 10. Possessing a certain Waterproof IP65 and dustproof performance 11. With PC web page, mobile APP query, SMS inquiry and remote settings Specifications Product Function: 1. ACC Detection : ACC switch status report alarm 2. Remote cut off fuel / ignition, Over speed Fuel Shutdown (New), 3. SOS alarm reporting 4. ACC switch alarm 5. Geo-Fence alarm and reporting 6. Power-off alarm 7. External power cut off alarm 8. Vehicle towing / Movement alarm 9. Over speed alarm and reporting 10. Backup battery low power alarm 11. Car battery low power alarm 12. High temperature alarm 13. Power saving / sleep mode 14. Mileage report 15. Alarm Notification 16. Receive a text when your car alarm goes off. You don't always notice your car alarm going off, but you'll never miss the text 17. Shock Sensor The TK419 Tracker is a self-contained, integrated commercial grade vehicle tracking device that uses GPS (Qualcomm solution:Gen8C Lite) satellite location in combination with a LTE category 1 module optimized specially for M2M and IOT applications to report that location. LTE module features cost-effective, low power LTE connectivity, and delivers M2M-optimized speeds of 10Mbps downlink and 5Mbps uplink. The TK419 is optimized for reliability, low data flows and size. The TK419 is an optimized version of EELink standard tracker that is targeted at expandable and truck, cargo or electric motor oriented IOT applications etc. The TK419 is also targeted at the property tracking market.

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