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Frozen Aquatic Products is a very important category in the Agriculture & Food industry. A good Frozen Aquatic Products can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Frozen Aquatic Products available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Company Profile Plate Freezer Introduction: The flat-plate quick-freezer is a commonly used freezing equipment, suitable for a variety of food freezing processing, and suitable for fast freezing of aquatic products, pasta, cut meat and other foods. Features: 1.According to the characteristics of a variety of refrigerants, the evaporating plate adopts a unique design of liquid supply and return gas, which provides uniform liquid supply and high efficiency. Reduce dry food consumption and improve the quality of food freezing. 2.The flat evaporating plate is assembled and manufactured by advanced welding technology, and has undergone high-pressure holding pressure experiments to ensure the safe use of the equipment. The evaporation plate adopts anodizing treatment, which is corrosion resistant. 3.Mechanical and electrical integration, small size, small footprint, hydraulic plate is delivered from the factory, installation and use are extremely convenient. 4.The all-stainless steel library body is beautiful, hygienic and easy to clean. The front and rear doors are opened to facilitate the access of frozen products and comply with food hygiene standards. 5.Using integral polyurethane high-pressure foaming, good heat preservation effect, strong box body, flexible and convenient installation. Model Evaporation plate size(mm) Total area In/Out temperature(ºC) Freezing capacity(kg/h) Installed power(kw) DBY-720-B2 1260*1260 12.7 +15~-18 720 1.5 DBY-960-B2 1670*1260 16.83 +15~-18 960 1.5 DBY-1200-B2 1670*1260 21 +15~-18 1200 1.5 DBY-1500-B2 2080*1260 26.21 +15~-18 1500 1.5 Certifications Packaging & Shipping