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Introduce Stainless steel wire mesh also known as stainless steel wire cloth, stainless steel filter. Stainless steel wire mesh with stainless steel wire woven in accordance with the order oflongitude and latitude, mesh can be according to the size of mesh and wire diameter to distinguish the specifications. Stainless steel wire mesh, specifically Type 304 stainless steel, is the most popular material for producing woven wire mesh products. Often referred to as 18-8 (18% chromium, 8% nickel), 304 is a basic stainless alloy that offers a combination of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strength and affordability. Type 316 is the second-most common form of stainless steel, which is a great option for industrial users seeking a higher level of corrosion resistance, particularly in salt-water environments. It incorporates about 2 to 3 percent molybdenum, which increases corrosion resistance, particularly against chlorides and other industrial solvents. Stainless steel wire mesh, with extensively excellent properties over other metal materials, is widely used within a lot of industries such as food, chemical, filtering, architectural, industrial, aerospace, oil and gas, biology, etc. Feature: 1) Corrosion and abrasion resistance. 2) High temperature resistance. 3) Highly aesthetic appeal for architectural applications. 4) Hygienic characteristics and clean ability are specifically suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries. 5) Cost effective. 6) Highly durable and withstand severe conditions. 7) Long life cycle. Woven wire weave styles and standard spcification: Also called square weave, and each warp wire crosses alternately over and under every weft wire and vice versa. Warp and weft wire diameters are usually the same. Each weft wire passes alternately above and below every successive pair of warp wires and vice versa. Woven as a plain weave, but with the warp wires of greater diameter than the weft wires. Similar to plain dutch weave, but has a double layer of weft wires woven in twill pattern. Woven as a plain weave, but in reverse manner to plain dutch weave. It has more and finer warp wires and fewer, heavier weft wires. Filter belt specification: Mesh quick reference guide: If you do not know what mesh you need to order, follow these easy steps and consult our mesh list to determine your best fit: Mesh lingo: 1. Mesh Count: the number of wires per inch or 25.4mm 2. Aperture: the space between the wires, measured in microns 3. Microns (µm): 1000 microns = 1mm Stainless Steel Weave Wire Mesh 1.Material:304 304L 316 316L 2.Weaving: plain/Twill weave, plain/twill dutch weave ,reverse dutch weave Applications:Sizing (screening), separation (filtering), refining, drying, reinforcement, catalysts, conveyors, shielding, and other industrial, mining and agricultural applications Packing and transport: Company profile: Hebei Weiyue Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd makes and sells primary wire mesh and wire products. It's located in "the hometown of wire mesh", Anping County of China. Since its beginning, we have been working at four points, they are High Quality, Quick Delivery, Better Price and Thorough Service. Rely on the product quality and our credit standing, we have got favourable comments from the customers. The company introduces precise making machines and technics, combining scientific inner managing method and quality control system. Since the year it was established, we developed our powder and credit standing and got reliances of our customers in home and abroad. Our products is checking by very high standeard, and the qualified ones leaved the factory

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