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Powerful 85 MPH Electric Dirt Bike With 4 Speed Gear For Adult Our Adults Electric Dirt Bike ( Off road Electric Motorcycle) has strong power and max speed that could reach 125km/h, as the intant reaction to 1000 Nm of the torque at the wheel, also our motor own unique design that allow you do Four Speed Forward gear, it can give you great driving experience when you do outdoor crossing. Product Description TYE3000 DIRT EBIKE FEATURE: 1) All New Electric Technology Off-Road Electric Motorcycles Phenomenal Dirt eBike 2)Unprecedented Power Peak Power: 12000W Wheel MAX Torque:1000N.M 3)Enjoy Speedy Acceleration 0~100m:4.8s Top Speed: 125Km/h 4)Brushless Direct Current Motor Special Tailor-made for off-road Mid-mounted Motor High-performance, Four-speed Switching 5)Range:150Km Air-cooled,Easy to dissipate heat 6)Intelligent Controller The most advanced intelligent variable frequency Tech Starting torque is large, start fast, and stable, more linear silent operation more accurate to give users excellent experience 7)Advanced Shock Suspension System hydraulic shock absorber, custom-made special inverted front fork, using advanced MNT WP technology, adjustable in height, suitable for different off-road scenes, greatly improving the practicality, and bringing out the performance of the motorcycle to the fullest 8) Effective Battery Pack ,Fast Charging Leading CATL Lithium ion Battery High Energy, High Efficiency, Safe & Reliable 9) Hydraulic Disc Brake System,Climbing Angle Over 45°,adapt to various off-road condition 10) All-aluminum Alloy Design Frame Strong and Tough Frame Weight:118kg (238 lbs with Battery) Max Loading 150kg (330 lbs) 11) High-quality Tires for Off-Road Front Tire:(80/100-21) Rear Tire:(110/90-18) 12) Advanced Smart 485 BMS system Connect with Blue tooth Waterproof Level IP 65 TYE3000 DIRT EBIKE SHOW Product Parameters Remark: TYE 3000-Off-Road Version (Available for US, Europe,Australia and Soth American Countries) TYE-3000 Road Version (Only available for Europe Countries) Company Profile We Edge Moto Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Province. It is a joint-stock private enterprise integrating high-end new energy power development, electric motorcycle manufacturing and sales. Our company has more than 45 employees, including 13 R&D, technical and quality managers with a bachelor's degree or above. we have advanced R&D equipment, production equipment, testing equipment, and an annual production capacity of 20,000 new energy power and 20,000 electric motorcycles. Our products are widely used in highway transportation, sports, leisure and other industries. The electric motorcycles have many advantages such as fast acceleration, high torque, strong climbing ability, stable performance and zero exhaust pollution. Now we have a number of utility models and appearance patents! It is a national science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, high-tech enterprise! As one of the world's important manufacturers of Electric Dirt Bikes (off road electric motorcycle). Our company is committed to providing high-end Electric dirt bike with high performance and high quality to global Electric dirt bike enthusiasts. FACTORY WORKSHOP TYE3000 3000W TYE ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE FACTORY WORKSHOP Certifications TYE3000 OFF ORAD ELECTRIC MORCYCLE BIKE IOS 9001 & EEC & COC Paper CUSTOMER VISITING TEST RIDING TYE3000 Electric Dirt Bike Extreme Off-Road Challenge Competition Packaging & Shipping FAQS 1) What certificates are available for your adult electric dirt bike? Does your factory offer EEC and COC Paper file? A: For the certificate, we have ISO 9001, CE, EEC, COC

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