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Cartridge Filter Industrial Dust Collector for Plasma/Laser Cutting Fume Certification Working principle Dust laden fume are sucked into the extractor by the suction force induced by fan's working, with deflector fume's flowing speed is slowed, big practical and sparks are cooled, separated and then settle into dust collector. Fine fume and dust enter into filter compartment to be filtered by the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge is coated with PTFE film which is covered with uniform pores, it has good air permeability, and dusts are filtered out on its surface. Purified air enters into the filter cartridge's interior and then discharged into workshop directly or out of the workshop through pipe line. Product introduction Incorporated world leading environmental technology, double working bay double filter cartridge fume purifier is a technically advanced industrial dust & fume purifier, it's developed with full consideration of the forming, characteristics and harm of fume and based on actual conditions of cutting and welding workshop. This purifier can be automatically cleaned and manually cleaned, automatically cleaning is as following: 1. When air pressure difference reach 1500Pa between the interior and exterior of the filter cartridge, the system will implement interval rotation pulse blow cleaning. 2. When the fan stops working, the system will implement interval rotation pulse blow cleaning for three times. Main feature 1. Suction arm can be rotated 360° horizontally, according to actual working condition, suction volume can be adjusted by adjusting volume valve in suction hood. 2.PTFE coating micro particle filtration, filtration efficiency reaches 99.99%, high air flow 3. Depending on needs, 2m, 3m flexible suction arm are available. 4.for purifying dry, oil-free, non-corrosive fume mixture generated in cutting and welding, collecting rare metals and valuable materials 5. the extractor can clean dust automatically. Technical parameters NO. Item Parameter 1 fan type centrifugal fan 2 treatment of air flow 4500±300m3/h 3 motor power 5.5kw 4 power supply 3x220V/60Hz 5 filtration area 60m² 6 number of filter cartridges 4 pieces 7 filter medium Imported PTFE filter material 8 filtration efficiency >99.9% 9 number of solenoid valves 4 pieces 10 compressed air 0.5~0.6Mpa 11 Volume of compressed air 25L 12 noise 72±5dB(A) 13 weight 730±20kg 14 dimensions 1100×1100×2750mm Company profile Exhibition

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