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Drill Bit is a very important category in the Tools & Hardware industry. A good Drill Bit can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Drill Bit available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Drill Bit are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Twist Drill Bit, Gun Drill Bit, Countersink Drill Bit, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Twist Drill Bit Type, Gun Drill Bit Type and more.

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Top hammer rock drilling button bits (1) Taper button bits taper degree: 4°46″, 6°, 7°, 11° and 12° diameter: 28mm to 45mm socket inside diameter: 19mm / 22mm / 25mm length: 50mm to 80mm (2) Thread button bits Thread connection: R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, ST58, GT60 and ST68. Carbide profile: Spherical, ballistic and parabolic. Bit Faces: flat, concave, convex and drop-center, uniface. Bits Diameters: 33mm-152mm Bit body: standard and retrac DTH hammer rock drilling button bits DTH bits specifications: (1) Tapered drill rod Tapered drill rod (taper steel rod, taper drill steel), which provides a hexagonal chuck section to provide leverage for the rotation chuck bushing. It usually has a forged collar to maintain the proper shank striking face position in the rock drill, and a tapered bit end. For drilling medium-hard to hard and abrasive rock formations, 11 and 12 taper degree rod are widely used on heavy-duty modern hydraulic drill rigs. While, 6 and 7 taper degree rod are applied for light-duty rock drill, such as the hand held pneumatic rock drill Y18, Y20, Y24, Y26, YT24 and YT28. SANSUNG offers a complete line of tapered rods and bits for all of your hand-held pneumatic drilling needs. For mine, quarry and tunnel work, we provide quality tools that withstand the toughest rock drilling demands. With our comprehensive product line, you can find the exact configuration to integrate into your drilling operation. Our tapered bit and rods come in a variety of taper angles, and we provide tapered rods in a full range of shank configurations and steel hex diameters. Our tapered bits include both cross and button designs, as well as chisel design. SANSUNG tapered rods are available with high-frequency or fully carburized heat treatments. Specifications of tapered drill rod: (2) Integral drill rod Application of Integral Drill Rods: The integral drill rod is used for rock drilling, blasting holes and other drilling works in the quarries, coal mines, traffic and other constructions. Features of Integral drill rods: Integral Drill Rod is used by a hand-held drill machine in underground mining for small hole drilling, equipped with small power rock drills, like air leg rock drills, hand held rock drills, etc. It can reduces the expense of impact energy, improves the drilling speed and efficiency, also it can be used for drilling bore hole diameter from 28mm to 45mm usually. According to different application, different lengths are available from 400mm to 4800mm usually. Regarding Integral drill steels, the quality of a steel material and a tungsten carbide is very important to get good drilling performance. Integral Drill Rods Specification: Head diameter: 28mm to 45mm Shank size: hex19/hex22/hex25*108mm/159mm Length: 400mm to 4800mm (3) Extension rod / MF rod Other names are Extension drill steel, Extension drill rod, and Extension steel, M/F rod (Speed rod), produce Hexagonal and round cross-sections. Hexagonal rods are more rigid, heavier and transfer energy more efficiently, while increasing flushing. Round rods are generally lighter than hexagonal rodsand are normally used in extension drilling applications. With the longer steel tending to be larger in diameter, conventional extension steel is characterizedby duplicate thread on each end of the steel. Extension rods are made by hollow drill steels, different lengths are available from 600mm to 6400mm. This hollow hole are usually named flushing hole, used for transmitting water or air during drilling. And the threads can be used for connecting couplings, shanks adapters or bits. (4) DTH drill pipe / drill pipe Key features of a high quality DTH pipe are durability, accuracy and m

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