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A1 60cm high speed flouresent color dual head four head i3200 digital DTF printer T shirt printing machine Printer head with 2/4 original epson i3200 Print size 60cm Software maintop, Sai Flexi Print Mainboard Honson, Senyang Print speed 4 pass: 16 square meter/hour 6pass: 13 square meter/hour 8pass: 10 square meter /hour Ink taype pigment ink Voltage 110V/220V Data imput 1000 bit Printer Packing size 182*72*82cm 180kg Shaker machine packing size 231*110*110cm 300kg Our advantage: 1.Good image quality 2.High precision 3.High efficiency 4.Color gamut is gorgeous 5.Suitable for cross-border printing in various fields Working process 1.Prepare design. 2.Printed on PET film with 700D dual 4720 heads printer, using CMYK+WHITE textile pigment ink. 3.Sprinkle powder, shake powder, heating PET film. 4.Transfer on T-shirt with heat press machine. This 60cm Direct to film printer comes with dual Epson 4720/I3200 print heads, CMYKW, all colors available at once with fast speed and high resolution. It accept all types of facbric(cotton, nylon, Linen, polyester, etc) heating transfer printing with vivid design. Shoes, hats, jeans printing all available. it comes with the power shaking machine, Our company provide DTF ink, Pet film, TPU powder as well. we provide one-stop service. Details of Lancelot Brand 60cm dtf printer Printer head: i3200*2/i3200*4 /xp600 *2 Mainboard: Hoson Xp600*2 printer color choice: 1. CMYK+ W 2. CMYKLCLM+W 3. CMYKFMFY+W I3200*2 printer color choice: 1. CMYK+W I3200*4 printer color choice: 1. CMYK+CMYK+W+W 2. CMYK+LC LMLK LLK + W+ W 3. CMYK+RBLCLK+ W+ W 4. CMYK+FM FY FO FG+ W+W Shaker Machine Choices : White color shaker machine without conveyor( Economic verion) Suggest for: 2*xp600 printer head 2* i3200 printer head with longer pre heating board Black color shaker machine with conveyor Suggest for: 2*xp600 printer head 2* i3200 printer head with longer pre heating board shaker machine with Longer conveyor ( belt). the conveyor will heating the film and powder in more even temperature. Suggest for: 2*i3200 printer 4*i3200 printer Highest quality white color shaker machine with conveyor It is suitable for high speed printer, with longer conveyor belt. this shaker machine is almost the best shaker in the market. if you have enough budge, pls choose this one Suggest for: 4*i3200 printer Related Products Printing Effect

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