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ET R27 Series Pump APPLICATIONS For Electric Teapot, Electric Coffee Maker, Instant Hot Water Drinking Dispenser... STANDARD PART PRODUCT PHOTOS CURVE DIAGRAM FAQ 1. WHO WE ARE Located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, we are the manufacturer, which specializes in brushless DC pump and micro diaphragm pump for almost 10 years with in-depth expertise and experience. 2. How to choose the most suitable pump? Please provide us the required flow, pressure, working time, voltage, equipment, liquid, ambient temperature, etc., we will recommend the most suitable pump according to your needs. 3. What is the MOQ? Our MOQ is 3000pcs. The price would depend on the order quantity, please contact our staff to check your demands. 4. How long is the delivery time? Generally, it would be taken 5-10 days if the samples are in stock, and can be delivered by DHL or other international expresses. The batch order would take about 30-45 days to be finished, can be delivered by air or by sea. 5. About product quality We have established the strict quality control system and production standards at each production step, carrying out 100% full inspection, to ensure our product is reliable from quality stability to higher precision. 6. About warranty assurance We offer a one-year warranty period for OEM equipment, effective after shipment. We can provide the replacement of accessories, and if it is a serious product quality problem, you can replace it for free. However, if the damage is due to loading, unloading, transportation or improper use, we do not accept any responsibility. We will still provide assistance service to the buyer to help them solve the problem, but the cost of accessories or replacement will be borne by the buyer.

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