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Product Description The machine is special used for PET bottle hot filling; adopts high speed rotary automatic bottle rinsing, bottle neck clip conveyor manner, gravity filling, negative pressure liquid-back, automatic control of material temperature (feed or return) rinsing/filling/capping three-in-one machine. Detailed Images Rinsing part The machine is rotary rinsing machine, mainly used for rinsing beverage, mineral water bottles etc. The new bottle enters into the equipment through bottle distribution screw and star wheel, and its neck is clipped to mouth down by the clamp and turner device, dry after rinsing, and turn to mouth up automatically, then enters into the filling machine through bottle-outlet star wheel conveyor. Filling Part It is advanced unique filling valve, no spring in the valve, and no touch with the spring for the products, which will help the cleaning of the internal valve. PLC control, frequency control; bottle neck clip filling technologies; upper cylinder and lower recycle cylinder is connected with hard pipe; gravity filling, negative pressure reflux; unique material temperature control system and liquid level automatic inspection. Capping part The capping is magnetic capping, with overload protection function, stable and reliable capping torque. Import motor gear box, reduce the secondary pollution of the bottle cap, 304 stainless steel cap chute tank, cap silo and cap chute tank with electronic capless inspection system, automatic control cap conveyor machine and running speed for the machine. Technical parameter: Rated Capacity 2000-30000BPH (500ml) Filling Method Hot Filling Applicable Bottle PET Bottle, Diameter 50-100mm, Height 150-320mm Applicable Cap Normal Standard Cap Air Supply Pressure 0.6 MPa Rinsing Water Pressure 0.2~0.25 MPa Filling Temperature 85-90ºC Rated Voltage 380V We provide the Complete turnkey project for beverage production line includes: Water Treatment System (Water Filtration) Preparation/Processing System (Mixing System for Drinks like CSD, juice etc) Injection molding machines (for pet preform) Bottle Blowing Machine (Making plastic bottles) Air Conveyor (Transport empty bottles) Filling Machine (Filling product into bottles) Cap elevator (Transport cap) Blow dryer (Blow away water drops) Flat Convey (Transport bottle) Code Printer (Printing the date on the filled bottle) Labeling Machine (Labeling for filled bottle) Bottle Packing Machine (package the filled bottles) Palletizing Machine (to palletize the cartons) Juice Production Line 1.Water treatment system Water treatment is equipped for pure water, mineral water, and water used in beverage drink. It contains RO, natrium filter, ultra filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, ozone processor etc. 2.Bottle Blowing Machine Divided into: semi-automatic bottle blowing and full automatic bottle blowing machine. Suitable for: PET bottle. Bottle size: 500ml-2L 3.Filling Machine The machine is combined with rinsing, filling and capping, which special designed for PET bottled. It is stable characteristic, advanced technology, nice appearance and complete function.

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