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Car Charger is a very important category in the Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories industry. A good Car Charger can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Car Charger available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Car Charger are made from various kinds of features such as Usage, Game Player, Digital Camera, Laptop, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Usage for example, you can find Game Player Usage, Digital Camera Usage and more.

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Product Description WEEYU High Quality AC 1 phase and 3 phase 16A and 32A 7kw 11kw and 22kw Electric Car Home Charger EV Charging Wallbox Product Parameters PRODUCT INTRODUCTION * Each EV charging station is with emergency stop botton * Each wallbox EV charger comes with its own MCB/OCCP * Independently designed, different from other existing models in the market * Easy installation, maintaining and stable functioning * Solid durable metal box and full size LCD screen * Customize designs, logos, colors available even for small quantity and small business ABOUT WEEYU Today everyone's talking about energy preserving, environmental protection, global warming and deteriorating habitation issues. EV emerged for this need along with more and more people driving EV. While as important as the development of EV itself, the infrastructure and accessories of powering those EV are equally critical to speed up this motion. So we decided to take part in, and to devote our efforts in the EVSE industry. Though founded in 2016, weeyu is not new to electric industry, as our parent company Injet Electric(a public company, stock code:300820) has been manufacturing electric products for over 26 years. Most of our engineers and management team are from Injet, those are the key asset of Weeyu, who independently designed our own chargingstation, which is different from other existing models in the market, and are relentlessly pursuing better, faster, more convenient new models. The products we do mostly include type 1, type 2, one phase, three phase, level 2 voltage, 16A, 32A, 40A current, 3.5kw, 7kw, 10kw, 11kw, 22kw charging station of SAE J1172 and IEC 62196-2 standards for home use(residential) and commercial use which cover most market needs in most countries. As a manufacturer of ev charging stations, to survive in this fierce market, our products are supposed to last long, to be safe, reliable, affordable and easy to use for everyone so we take quality, safety, stability, price, service and supports to our customers of great importance. Meanwhile, new players, small businesses and large corporate are all welcomed at Weeyu. We're able to produce large quantity in the same time with the flexibility to do customize designs, logos and colors, samples and trial orders etc to boost your business and brand growth. Whatever you requires, we have the people, the technology and determination to make it happen for you! FAQ

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