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Specific information: Our product advantage: 1. Copper Free Ceramic Green formula Asbestos free No heavy metal Protect environment Passed American NSF ,AMECA 2.Under layer used same as OEM product 3. High performance,shortor brake distance,safer Still got high braking power above 600 °C Formula Compare with OEM & OES brake pads Our factory advantage: 1. Improved positive mold, make the thickness, flatness ,hardness and density more accurate. Make brake pads performance more stable. 2. Can develop new mold in house, more than 30 part number a month. 3. Have an experienced team to develop formula, have 2 Dyno in house to test formula. LINK Dyno 3900 can make more accurate testing results. 4. We can develop different type formula in house, include Ceramic, Copper free Ceramic, low metal, semi metal ,high carbon etc.. 5. More than 2000 part number for brake pads 6. Quality control Check incoming material every batch Check shear and density etc. for brake pads every batch Auto weighing and mixing system ,controlled by computer Bar code scanning system to avoid mistake 7S control every process

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