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Brake is a very important category in the Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories industry. A good Brake can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Brake available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Brake are made from various kinds of features such as Material, Non-Asbestos, Iron, Steel, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Material for example, you can find Non-Asbestos Material, Iron Material and more.

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Mainly used for the braking system, automobile hydraulic brake system and a clutch booster system transfers the pressure and sealing function. Diaphragms mainly refers to the rubber seal used in the hydraulic brake system, clutch control system and booster pump system of cars, light vehicles, vans and some trucks. Diaphragms are also used in household appliances, such as the rubber cups used in the cylinder block of a two cylinder washing machine, which play a sealing role in the cylinder block. Diaphragms is one of the important rubber products widely used in rubber products. Classification of Diaphragms Bowl type rubber skin Diaphragms can be divided into the main cylinder cup and the wheel cylinder cup according to the use position. The main cylinder cup also includes the main cup and the auxiliary cup, which are used in the single chamber and the tandem double chamber brake main cylinder (formerly known as the master cylinder cup and the master cylinder cup). The wheel cylinder cup is used in all wheel cylinders except the disc brake (formerly known as the wheel cylinder cup). According to the section shape of the product, it can be divided into bowl shaped Diaphragms and ring shaped Diaphragms. The shape of the rubber cup of the main cylinder can be divided into four types: the liquid guide bowl type, the liquid guide ring type, the pressure bearing ring type and the positioning ring type. The main cylinder and the auxiliary cup are divided into two types: general ring type and C type. The shape patterns of the wheel cylinder cup can be divided into three types: bowl type, ring type and reverse hole type. Main characteristics of Diaphragms 1) The Diaphragms in the master cylinder and wheel cylinder must have certain elasticity, compression deformation and wear resistance, so as to ensure that the cups have certain return ability and sealing ability to transmit hydraulic pressure during use. 2) In high temperature (100-120 ºC and low temperature (- 30-50 ºC), the hydraulic medium resistance is good, and the leather cup contacts with the brake fluid for a long time in the brake sealing device, so it is required to have good swelling resistance to the brake fluid (synthetic fluid and mineral oil), and leakage is not allowed in high temperature, low temperature and static room temperature. FAQ 1) How can I place order? A: You can contact us by email about your order details, or place order on line. 2) How can I pay you? A: After you confirm our PI, we will request you to pay. T/T (HSBC bank) and Paypal, Western Union are the most usual ways we are using. 3) What's the order procedure? A: First we discuss order details, production details by email or TM. Then we issue you an PI for your confirmation. You will be requested to do pr -epaid full payment or deposit before we go into production. After we get the deposit, we start to process the order. We usually need 7-15days if we don't have the items in stock. Before production has been finished, we will contact you for shipment details, and the balance payment. After payment has been settled, we start to prepare the shipment for you. 4)How do you take care when your clients received defective products? A: replacement. If there are some defective items, we usually credit to our customer or replace in next shipment. 5)How do you check all the goods in the production line? A: We have spot inspection and finished product inspection. We check the goods when they go into next step production procedure.

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