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Product Description Silstar Automatic Drawstring Bag Making Machine Introducing Silstar's Automatic Drawstring Bag Making Machine, designed by Jiangyin Guibao Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. This state-of-the-art machine is revolutionizing bag production with its newly designed and stable rolling system, eliminating the need for manual rolling and significantly improving production efficiency. Our Automatic Drawstring Bag Making Machine is capable of producing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) drawstring/draw tape bags. With the added feature of a photocell, this machine effortlessly handles both printed and white bags with ease. In today's market, where raw material costs are on the rise, many plastic bag manufacturers are incorporating recycled materials or CaCO3 into their granules. This can result in a film that is harder to seal. However, Silstar's seal knife is specifically designed to securely seal films that contain recycled materials and CaCO3, ensuring a strong and reliable seal every time. Product Parameters Items GBBCR-800 GBBCR-1000 GBBCR-1200 Lines One deck, one line One deck, one line One deck, one line Bag width 500-700mm 500-900mm 500-1000mm Bag length 500-730mm 120-930mm 500-1000mm Bag thickness 0.006-0.035mm 0.006-0.035mm 0.006-0.035mm Output one 100-150pcs/min 100-130pcs/min 100-120pcs/min Total Power 12kw 13kw 14kw Model name Rolling draw tape bag making machine Final product Draw tape bag Application Draw tape bag,printed or unprinted draw tape garbage bag Material HDPE,LDPE,Recycled material,CACO3 added Bag length 500-1000mm Bag width 500-1000mm Output 50-150pcs/min Unwinder way Motor driver control Servo Taiwan TECO *2 Inverter Taiwan TECO Air cylinder Taiwan AirTAC Delivery time 30-60 days Warranty 1 year Technical Assistance Engineers are avilable service machine oversea Optional device Automatic paper core change device Detailed Photos Sample bags: Other products: Other machine you may interested: 1.Film blowing machine 2.Coreless Bag making machine 3.Bag with Core making machine 4.Recycle machine Company Profile Check out these pictures from the SILSTAR workshop! We are proud to showcase our Bag Making Machine, specifically our Draw Tape Garbage Bag Making Machine and Plastic Drawstring Rolling Bag Making Machine. Our machines are automatic and efficient, making the process of bag making a breeze. With a 1-year warranty and available in both 220V and 380V, our machines are built to last. Trust Jiangyin Guibao Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. for all your bag making needs! Our products include : 1.Garbage Bag Making Machine Coreless/Interleave or overlap bag on roll 2.Draw Tape Garbage Bag on Roll Making Machine 3.Vegetable Bag on Roll Making Machine With Core 4.Plastic film blowing machine 5.Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine Our impressive range of products includes the following: 1. Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine: Create high-quality, durable plastic T-shirt bags effortlessly with our state-of-the-art machine. Perfect for retail businesses and supermarkets. 2. Vegetable Bag on Roll Making Machine With Core: Make your produce stand out with our efficient and reliable machine that produces vegetable bags on rolls with ease. Say goodbye to messy and disorganized packaging. 3. Garbage Bag Making Machine Coreless: Keep your surroundings clean and tidy with our advanced coreless garbage bag making machine. It's designed to produce strong and reliable garbage bags without the hassle of cores. 4. Draw Tape Garbage Bag on Roll Making Machine: Simplify waste management with our draw tape garbage bag on roll making machine. It effortlessly creates draw

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