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PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS of Heavy Duty Low Price 13tons Truck Semi Trailer Axle Type 1. One-piece high quality special heat tube, low alloy steel shaft bearing capacity is strong, light weight, long life and other characteristics; 2. Product configuration wear sensor alarm device; 3. The wheel hub system maintenance simple, wearing parts in any place can buy; 4. The caliper, brake disc, gas chamber adopts domestic well-known brand, has many characteristics, such as crack resistance, long service life 5. Special heat treatment, low alloy steel axle beam, good comprehensive performance, strong bearing capacity, low dead weight; 6. High quality alloy solid spindle provides superior fatigue resistance through integral heat treatment; 7. Camshaft adopts special sealing processing to ensure that grease will not enter the brake drum, which is more safe; Specification of Heavy Duty Low Price 13tons Truck Semi Trailer Axle Type . New tight fit wheel hubcap, O-ring seal, good sealing performance; F: Shaft Tube Construction Code: F-150 Integral Square axis H-150Square axis for welding K-127 Integral Square axis W-120Integral Square axis Y-127 integral round shaft R-146 integral round shaft N-152 integral round shaft D-89 welding round shaft S-120Square axis for welding . Extend the free maintenance time Suspension For Trailer: wooden tray or others ways according to your requirements. Kingrail Export all kinds of trailers, trailer parts and Man-hand Welding Machinery, Automatic Welding machinery, Trailer Production Line,trailer Axle, brake assemblies , backing plates,brake drums and hubs Etc. We can supply the right product in shortest ways and cheapest value. Competitive steady-going quality, competitive prices and better services, our products are well exported to North America, Europe and Oceania. Strong technical force, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, professional production team, for product innovation, research and development, quality assurance provides a solid backing.

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