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Arc Welder is a very important category in the Industrial Equipment & Components industry. A good Arc Welder can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Arc Welder available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Arc Welder are made from various kinds of features such as Style, Vertical, Tapped, Hanging, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Style for example, you can find Vertical Style, Tapped Style and more.

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Appearance: Performance characteristics 1.Fully digital control system for precise control of the welding process and stable arc length. 2.Full digital wire feeding control system, wire feeding is precise and stable. 3.The system has a built-in welding expert database that automatically intelligently combines parameters. 4.The operation interface is friendly, and the unitary adjustment mode is easy to grasp. 5.The welding spatter is extremely small and the weld bead is beautifully formed. 6.10 sets of welding programs can be stored to save operating time. 7.The special four-step function is suitable for welding metals with good thermal conductivity. The arc is arc-shaped and the welding quality is perfect when the arc is closed. 8.It has various interfaces to connect with welding robots and welding machines. 9.Soft-switching inverter technology can improve the reliability, energy saving and power saving of the whole machine. *The series of welding machines are manufactured in accordance with the standard GB15579.1-2013 "Arc welding equipment part 1: welding power supply". Supply voltage quality The waveform should be a standard sine wave with an effective value of 380+10% and a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz. The unbalance of the three-phase voltage is <=5%. Power supply technical parameters. Basic parameters: Note: The capacities of fuses and circuit breakers in the above table are for reference only. Manual welding parameters Argon arc welding parameters The voltage (arc length) is shown as the set unification voltage value, and the preceding symbol indicates the relationship between the actual value and the unification value. Control and interface The front and rear panel controls and interfaces of the welder are shown below. 1.Welder output socket (-) 2.Air switch 3.External device interface 4.Power cord 5.Heating power outlet 6.Wire feeder control socket 7.Fan 8.Welder output socket (+)

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