Shandong Zhongying Hengru Trading Co. , Ltd.

Apr 2, 2021
Trading Company
Company Overview
Shandong zhongying hengru trading Co., Ltd. Specializes in the production of class I and II medical devices, sales of class I, II and III medical devices: Labor protection supplies, sanitary supplies, medical supplies, medical overalls, hats, clothing and clothing raw materials, textiles, medical devices, import and export business.

Wholesale, retail: Medical equipment, office supplies, computer hardware and software, electronic products, building materials, fitness equipment, hardware products, non-specialized control communication equipment, air conditioning equipment, special equipment for environmental protection, photographic equipment, metal materials, steel, iron ore, mechanical equipment and accessories, non-specialized control agricultural and sideline products;

Nursing institution services (excluding medical services);

Domestic service;

Human resource services (excluding labor dispatch);

Computer system integration services;

Sales and maintenance of office equipment;

Domestic advertising business;

Educational information consultation (excluding schooling, training and tutoring);

Business information consulting;

Economic information consulting,
Mr. Xu Qiang(Investor)
Chairman of The Board of Directors
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Room 907, Building 1, Longaotian Street, Jinan High-Tech Zone, Shandong Province
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