Cangzhou Yaqiya Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Feb 28, 2024
Company Overview
Cangzhou Yaqiya Auto Parts Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is located in Huaizhen Industrial Zone, Xianxian, and Cangzhou city, Hebei Province, China, which specializes in manufacturing and exporting several of wheel balance weights, tire repair seal and tire repair patch. Our company has developed very fast.

The enterprise management, employee quality, technical equipment, production technology and supporting facilities, etc. All have achieved international standards, so that our company takes the leading position in the same field in the country. At present, we have an annual output of 3000 tons for various wheel weights.

To maintain a stable quality is basis for a factory to survive and acquire long-term cooperation with customers

As for the wheel weight segment, we choose raw material from top 10 steel factory supplier. Such as Tang Steel, which can ensure the surface smooth and flat, then evenly galvanized and sprayed. This is critical process to protect the wheel weights from rusting.

When surface treating, controlling the density between the segments, make it more complete, beautiful and achieve maximum protection

After surface treating, we will do salt and spray test with sodium chloride reagent. 10PCS from per ton will be samples for testing

The tape of each shipment will also undergo a tensile test

For adhesive wheel balance weight foam tape, we adopt glue imported Japan, making it sticky and lasting better, not easy to volatilize

Printed outside of the carton, there are red marks to show goods production line. Once quality problem occur, It's easy to track and deal with.

Wheel weights are small, precisely measured pieces of metal that are attached to the rims of your car's wheels. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of wheel and the weight needed for balancing. Wheel weights are essential for maintaining a smooth and safe driving experience.

~Types of Wheel Weights

There are two primary types of wheel weights:

Clip-on Weights:

These are the most common type of weights and are attached to the outer lip of the rim with a clip. They are easy to install and remove but can sometimes scratch the wheel's finish.

Stick-on Wheel Weights:

These weights are attached to the inside of the rim with adhesive tape. They are less visible and do not scratch the wheel's finish, but can be harder to remove.
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Huaizhen Industrial Zone, Xianxian, Cangzhou, Hebei, China
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