Company Overview
XUNDA TECH (HK) Co., Limited is a China group company registered in Hong Kong to trade sale of a subsidiary, in order to facilitate the sales, production, research and development high-tech products, sales offices in Shenzhen, a strong interaction with the smooth flow of production plants as well as the reaction rate has risen considerably. Our company's products focus on Tablet PC products, the major types (Tablet PC, Tablet phone, 3G Tablet PC, 4G Tablet PC, 4G Smart Tablet PC, Windows Tablet PC, Studen Tablet PC, 4K Tablet PC )And other products.

Tablet PC is currently the largest international market demand for one of the products, in order to meet market demand, our company continuously introduce new products, the average birth of a new product every month, while professional buyers can also design, develop unique product, designed style products to enjoy the exclusive right to monopolize the market for professional buyers and create a better profit space...

Products produced in the first sample, small batch production, quality control, product inspection, customs clearance, transportation arrangements, service tracking, this series of processes are our first-class team of professional and completed.

At the same time, the company has hired professionals from overseas to our company on a regular basis for new product development, research, and often sent abroad for academic exchanges and technical personnel, product optimization analysis in order to provide more follow-up to the international market with attractive products that contribute to the consumption of persons.

"Competitive price, excellent quality, prompt delivery, best service" is always our guiding principle, you would like to learn more about company information and product information, please visit our company website, want to bring you good start!
Mr. Diamant Lee
Sales Manager
Marketing Department
6th, 4 Building Baoshu Technology Park, Baotian 3th Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
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