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May 20, 2024
Manufacturer/Factory,Trading Company
Company Overview
Established in 2006, wenzhou xilian electronic technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of health & beauty products, we have been manufacturing health beauty and home electric homecare devices with ISO9001: 2000 certified factory in China, managed by all skilled workers and quality management that can help accomplish client's multitude of different products and OEM/ODM services with own plastic injection machines, assembly lines.

We are in integrated high-tech enterprise that includes research and development, production, sales and trade. We set up a high-efficient explore the organization, R&D dept, which can assist with 3D and other frame software with the perfect hardware equipment. This team can make the developing process more efficient with many incorporate methods, such as product confirmation, product structure, mold testing and production method.

We are professional to differentiate your brand.

6 steps to differentiate your brand

Step 1 project review & market strategy

- focus on your target market

- market intelligence & research

- study your product strategy, needs and price strategy

Step 2 customer insights

- customer segments & profile

- competitor's customer satisfaction levels

- consumers' review, product "wants", pain points and interest

Step 3 industrial design & engineering

Offer the improvement or new product solution

- aesthetic, functional & material design

- 2D/3D CAD modeling

- mechanical engineering

- design for manufacture (dfm)

- cost engineering

- finite element analysis (fea)

Step 4 build tooling

16 years of experience in mold manufacturing. The 3D printing technique and our own mold tooling room can deliver the first-piece sample fast.

- prototyping techniques

- packaging prototypes

- product testing

Step 5 QA & QC track testing and quality

We can help you build a prototyping plan. Then we can incorporate modifications of product designs based on testing, our in-house team ensures product quality by placing quality protocols in place.

- independent quality control & quality assurance

- factory audits

- social compliance

- product testing

- product safety

Step 6 visual merchandising to differentiate your brand

- signage and visual displays

- visual merchandising & package

Our mission

Let customers' brands and products stand out from competitors and target markets, and firmly occupy customers' minds.

Value proposition

It is better to be diferent than to be the best, to achieveothers, to achieve ourselves.
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No. 2, Yihuan Road, Xinxin Village, Kunyang Town, Pingyang County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
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