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Apr 1, 2020
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Company Overview
90 years ago, Xianhe started in Shandong, China.

Within these years, we ensured our first level in the mechanical and electrical areas with our unity and hard work, progressive innovation, and continue progressing of ourselves.

Up till now, Xianhe have 2 production areas and 10 production lines with an area of 200 mu and a staff of over 500 people.

Thin coal seam shearer

Early in the 1970s, we had produced the thin coal seam shearer by ourselves, filled the blank of this country's history. And then, on the basis of this we produced a series of thin coal seam shearers. The MG100/111-TD thin coal seam shearer has a simple structure and convenient installation mode, chain traction and no-chain traction two types, a production capacity of over 150-300 tons/hour, a service scope of over 200 coal mines. It had been named the "Shandong coal science and technology award".

Belt Conveyor

The width of the belt conveyor system is from 0.5 to 2.2 meters. We had produced and sold out over 1000 sets with a total length of over 5000 kilometers. The maximum angle of the underground steeply inclined belt conveyor can reach 30° . The upper delivery section uses the protection equipment such as the soft start, backstop and PDBS; The lower delivery section uses the advanced hydraulic braking system. The maximum capacity of it is 6000t/h, and it can realize the long distance delivery.

Conveyor Idler

The idler series we produced use the non-contact seal structure and have a long service life. The idlers have been exported to Philippines, Indonesia and other countries. The belt conveyor we produced had been named the "famous products in Shandong province" by the Shandong province pledges inspect bureau; It had also been authorized the "top ten enterprises of the belt conveyor" by the China quality certification center.

Transformer and the transformer substation

The KBSGZY flameproof transformer substation and the KBSG flameproof dry type transformer are the main products of our company. The high pressure side has the voltage classes of 6KV and 10KV while the low pressure side has the voltage classes of 380V, 660V, 1140V, 3300V. The nominal capacity is from 100kVA to 3150kVA. This product is divided into silicon steel sheet and amorphous alloy iron core two categories, which uses the microcomputer integrated protection and PLC control, and has the man-machine conversation function. The amorphous alloy transformer is a high efficiency energy saving product which researched and developed independently by our company. The no-load energy saving effect of it can reach above 70%, which brings good economic benefits for the customers.

Stainless Steel Castings, Valves and Pipe Fittings

The Company has the stainless steel precision casting, stainless steel CNC machining, carbon steel sand casting and sodium silicate precision casting four production lines. It has the Italian spectrometer, the Japan metallurgical analyzers and the Germany tensile testing machine by which can simultaneously carry on the heat treatment, composition analysis, metallographic analysis. We can now produce types of steel casting, precision casting, quick joint, valves groove type pipe fittings and card convex type pipe fittings as the client's desire.

Auto EPS

The EPS is a mandatory product of the new energy vehicles and a successor from automobile mechanical to hydraulic steering. At present, the company has successfully developed the string type and circulating ball type EPS with over 20 kinds of products which have been supported for more than 20 units inner and outer the province. We have been the qualified supplier for many enterprises such as Hafei, Qirui, Tangjun and Yiqi, etc.

Through the strict implementation of the ISO quality management system, the "5s" and "three-autonomy and one control" management, the company firmly grasp every production link and effectively improve the production and construction qualities.
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