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Dec 1, 2020
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Company Overview
Introduction Of Shanghai Wanfa Automobile Sales&Service Co., Ltd.

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter JAC) established in year 1964, takes up 4, 050, 000 square meters and owns fixed assets $US680 million and employs 30, 000 workers and engineers. Our stock was marketed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in Nov. 29, 2001, (Stock code: SH600418). JAC Shanghai Wanfa Automobile Sales&Service Co., Ltd. Was established in 2006, Shanghai, enjoying the ambitious purpose for global market development strategy. We play key roles in:

---Vehicles sale, updated vehicle info supply, communication and feedback for international users;

---International distributors and agents management, capability audit;

---Book shipping space, customs declaration and in sale service;

---Drivers and repairman training for international users;

---Vehicle corrective maintenance training for international users;

---Vehicle quality communication and feedback for international users;

---Other after-sales service and spot repair for vehicle failures.

Our Products Achievement and Rank:

We have international leading production base and production line, equipped with intelligent and standardized testing and controlling lab. All our products are designed, produced and controlled based on advanced technology and scientific management systym, therefore all our products win the governmental approval priority for legal sales in intense-competition domestic market.

Besides our technical advancement, JAC enjoys high market penetration ability and achieves great achievements: Our bus chassis sals volume has been keeping the primacy for decades in domestic market; REFINE brand commercial vehicle sale ranks the primacy in continuous 3 years; Light trucks sale ranks second in China; The increment rate of medium--SWORD brand and heavy truck--GALLOP brand ranks the primacy in China.

Location and Convenient Traffic:

Shanghai Wanfa Automobile Sales&Service Co., Ltd locates at No1699, Shuichan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, 201900, China

Welcome to take a sight seeing of JAC products to taste values of "considerate service, benefits share"! Our products will bring you cost-saving solutions and eye-catching returns!
Miss Lily Lee
Sales Manager
Import & Export Department
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Floor 16th, Xingyun Mansion, No 256, Xiangyin Road, YangPu District, Shanghai, China
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