Vesige Electric (Shan Dong) Co., Ltd.

Jan 22, 2024
Company Overview
Vesige Electric (Shandong) Co., Ltd is a multinational enterprise providing equipment and solutions for energy conservation, energy emission reduction, smart grid, and new energy applications. In Vesige electric, we are responsible for the RD, production, sales, installation, commissioning, and technical services of high and low voltage converters, soft starters, high and low voltage electrical equipment, active power filters, SVG reactive power compensation devices, capacitor cabinets, and charging piles.

As a world-leading industrial equipment manufacturer, it has independently researched and developed products that cover many important fields such as new energy, intelligent equipment, environmental protection, rail traffic, electric power, and the chemical industry. Focusing on the field of industrial control, energy conservation and emission reduction, smart grid, and new energy, the company is committed to providing customers with high-efficiency and stable technical solutions, continuously improving energy utilization efficiency, and striving to become a leader in the field of industrial automation.

Our values: Integrity, Professionalism, Pragmatism, and Contribution to the development of modern industry!

As a leading industrial equipment manufacturer in the world, it has independently developed relevant products in the following fields:

1. High, medium, and low voltage frequency converter

2. High, medium, and low voltage soft starter

3. Medium and high voltage switchgear and intelligent equipment

4. Intelligent substation

5. Power automation

6. EMC energy services

7. Energy storage unit

8. Electric vehicle charging pile

9. Wind power converter

10. Power supply

11. Intelligent distribution network automation

12. Box type mobile energy storage power station

13. Ring network cabinet

14. Chemical energy storage battery

15. Reactive power compensation and harmonic control

16. RFID product series

17. EPC services

18. Electrical Instruments

19. An automatic verification system of intelligent electricity meter

20. Automated logistics system

21. Intelligent electric energy meter

22. Electric energy meter metering box

23. Energy meter turnover box
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