Shenzhen Baichuang Tianxiang Technology Co., Ltd.

Jun 10, 2022
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Company Overview
We are a professional electronic design and development company, that with professional software engineers and hardware engineers. We are good at extracting encrypted IC and crack MCU, analyzing C language or assembly language, Including extracting. Bin/. Hex/. S19/. SN8 files, etc...At the same time, We can convert. Bin or. Hex files into source programs, such as assembly language or C language.

In addition, our team of engineers is also good at disassembling and analyzing circuit boards, and then copying PCB diagrams. We can accurately draw PCB or Gerber, and infer the circuit schematic, whether it is 1 layer or 30 layers.

This is very helpful for users to understand the design ideas, principles, and techniques of this electronic product. You can also modify and optimize it to make it as perfect as you think, and even produce it for use. This can realize the fun of making it by yourself. If you are really lazy, let us do it all. We love to do it.

Of course, all electronic components on the PCB will be listed, including resistors, capacitors, inductance, LED, integrated IC, MCU, connectors, etc. We will test the parameters, specify the package and count the number. We can also help you purchase them.

Come on! Contact me and tell me your needs, we will definitely meet you, we will learn together, find happiness in electronic products, and share with each other.
Miss Wendy
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