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Sinonine has been looking for the best mode of development to achieve win-win situation with customers at designing and building mineral processing plant since its establishment. We strive to explore, accumulate experience and improve the ranks of qualified personnel In the field of mining engineering. Sinonine has been developing along three main lines: The product line towards heavy-duty and seriation development, it started from making single small products and gradually formed the full range of large-scale mining equipment manufacturing capacity with independent R& D ability. The team construction towards specialization and intensive development, it began with designing preliminary products and gradually becomes a technical service team being able to serve the whole process of mining engineering. The close cooperation between various professional teams makes the service more fine. The marketing towards Informatization and globalization, our early market development mode aimed at the traditional domestic market, currently turn to the global market, we supply customized services according to the special technical standards in different regions, we take Informatization management to partners. Sinonine will continue to study in the field of mining engineering, and strive to achieve its strategic vision of 2020 which is to be a leading service supplier in mining engineering.

Sinonine's service team, suppliers, upstream and downstream partners jointly set up the customer service system. We integrated the high-quality resources into the service system to improve each link of the service required in the mining engineering, so as to scientifically organize the engineering construction. Sinonine continues to improve the service network construction, and promote the integration of online and offline services. All the Key services in mining engineering are followed by our technical team, such as economic evaluation of mining projects, production line safety construction, equipment quality control, equipment safety transportation, production failure elimination, equipment parts supply, etc.
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